5 of the most common uses for CBD. Yes cannabis can help with these.

Cannabis conversations continue to gain momentum from dinner tables, to tea parties outside gov’t.  Whilst some countries such as Israel, USA, Canada and Germany press ahead with medical cannabis reform others such as the UK remain committed to the belief that cannabis is an unknown potentially harmful drug.

Whilst the benefits of the plant are debated against the risks to society, and the economic benefits argued against the war on drugs it’s the general population that suffer.   As such some of the most interested and counter-intuitive health issues are increasingly being supported by cannabis use.

Based on desk research reviewing the thousands of published clinical studies combined with the hundreds of thousands of patient testimony available on social media and the web, the following are leading contenders for the top 5 counter intuitive diseases people are using cannabis to for relief.


One of the most prominent myths generations have been fed is that cannabis use. abuse can lead to impaired mental ability and lack of focus, especially in children.  Whilst few people will advocate children being used to test a relatively unknown plant, the overwhelming and mounting clinical evidence is that CBD can modulate the brains receptors in such a way as to both modulate behavior as well as enhance the ability to focus on tasks.

The following clinical research is going a long way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that cannabis and in most cases specifically CBD has the potential to treat ADHD in both children and adults.


Our research found the concept of treating Asthma with Cannabis scored one of the most counter-intuitive reasons to use the plant.  The general perception of cannabis is the combustion and inhalation of dried flower wrapped in glue lined paper.  Clearly not the most obvious ‘medicine’ you’d want to inhale when an asthma suffer is already struggling for consistent and sufficient breath.

In the modern cannabis economy have enabled the development of a range of delivery mechanisms best suited to specific medical diseases.  Scientists continue to show the potential for CBD to modulate receptors that cause inflammation in bronchial airways and respiratory systems.  CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, as asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions are inflammation based.

The knowledge and experience on best practice, best formulation and best delivery system is close to giving asthma suffers the opportunity to use cannabis in a measured, dosed and viable manner.


The cannabis use myth most of the current generation of users grew up with was the potential for cannabis abuse to lead ‘cannabis psychosis’, a contributor to risk of schizophrenia and a range of other mental health issues.

Both modern science (as shown with the clinical studies already completed) and human testimony available at the click of a google search is showing the astounding potential for using cannabinoid therapy to treat Schizophrenia.

The therapeutic anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic nature of CBD alone is being touted as potential the best (and non-psychoactive) treatment. Whilst even THC is being understood to have neuro protective features in low doses.

Liver Disease

One of the most startling discoveries of the past decade was the understanding that CBD could be used as treatment to reverse the effects of liver damage caused by alcohol abuse.  The very substance that for decades has been; socially acceptable, taxed by gov’t and preferred over cannabis.

Whilst there is much research to do on liver disease as it related to cannabis there has already been a lot of work completed.  From the highlighted research below its possible to determine that CBD can be both a protector of the liver and it can reverse liver damage caused by both alcohol and poor diet.

Mad Cow Disease

Since we’re a UK focused enterprise it could not be overlooked to address the mad cow in the room.  For many years during the 90’s Europe was plagued with mad cow disease.  As hundreds of farms and businesses suffered as entire livestock we’re destroyed and fears over the mental health of anyone who may have consumed meat from an infected cow.

The panic has surely passed, but it would be a miss to exclude the clinical research targeting CBD as a potential treatment for Mad Cow Disease


Whilst there has been a significant body of work completed combined with a growing availability of patient testimony, the wonders of cannabis and it’s potential to improve and extend quality of life is an unending journey for researchers and users alike.

CIITECH Cannabis Innovation is an Israeli UK joint initiative to contribute to, support and advance cannabinoid research while producing CBD products in the UK that can legally be purchased and safely consumed in the UK, EU and all countries with a progressive hemp policy.

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