7 Differences that will make a Big Difference with your CBD Oil

While most people rave about the magical benefits of CBD, some are still not sure of its effects. You have probably heard of many different experiences. Yes, each human body indeed responds to substances differently, but the inefficiency of a substance like CBD is more likely to result from a lack of understanding on how to use it.

Let’s look at a few changes that will make significant differences in your experience with CBD oil.

Regular Use:

One of the factors that don’t allow for CBD work optimally in your body is its irregular use.  The suggested way to take CBD is at the same time everyday or throughout the day and to stick to that routine.

Determine the sweet spot:

Forget about gaining the perks of CBD if you don’t care about dosage while ingesting it.

The other way is to start low and slow. This means that you can start with a low dose that you can gradually increase according to the body’s reaction to it. Keep enhancing it until you find the “sweet spot.” It’s the point at which you finally find the dosage that works best for you.

Don’t take CBD on Empty Stomach:

One fact that many people might not be aware of is that CBD may actually be taken on a full stomach. When you take CBD with your food, it stays longer in the GIT, and the body gets more time to take it up before it leaves the body.

Take CBD oil with fatty foods:

When taking CBD oil orally, taking it with fatty foods is a bonus. All Cannabinoids are highly fat-soluble. So when you take CBD oil with fats, it increases the absorption of CBD in the system and prevents its wastage.

Moreover, the body detects fats in the gut and secrets agents to take up the oil from the meal. That’s when CBD oil also gets taken up with the other oils.

Figure out the intake method that suits you:

CBD oil gives you the option to use it in various ways. People with sensitive lungs can take CBD orally or sublingually. Contrarily, those with GIT sensitivity can vape or take it sublingually. You can go for topical application for external issues. Figure out the intake method that works best for you to reap the full benefits.

Prefer CBD oil over capsules:

If you don’t have any genuine issue with taking CBD oil, it’s good to take CBD oil rather than capsules. Capsules take time to disclose and release CBD oil in the body. Therefore, CBD oil and especially CBD oil tinctures work much more efficiently.

Combine it with other substances:

There’s no harm in taking CBD solely, but taking it with other valuable substances like Melatonin will level up the game. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps with the sleep cycle. Even many reliable companies have now started combining CBD oil with Melatonin to offer additional effects to consumers.


To make the best of your CBD, finding optimal ways of taking it is a great start. This article sums up the tips that you can follow to ace your CBD game. What are you waiting for? Go grab it and make your life even better!



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