All CBD products taste differently – and there is a reason

People often wonder why almost every CBD product tastes differently. Every product has a different aroma. Some products have an earthy taste, while others may have a more intense aroma. There are numerous reasons for such variance.

  • CBD content differs in various products. Yes, although all CBD products have THC less than 0.2%, however, the content of CBD may vary a lot. In low-quality products, it may be just in very low quantity that comes from the hemp seeds. That is why it is essential to buy trusted CBD brands.
  • Numerous cultivars of hemp or cannabis. It is also essential to understand that cannabis plant has many sub-varieties, and thus the final taste will vary accordingly. Moreover, phytochemicals in the same plant variety differ greatly depending on cultivation conditions, temperature, and so on. Studies show that the content of various terpenes varies significantly among different CBD products, which is natural.
  • Differed carrier oils. Producers add carrier oils to CBD products to make the product more stable and improve its absorption. Thus, they may use oils like grapeseed oil, olive oil, and so on. These carrier oils greatly influence the taste of the final product.
  • Phytocompound composition. Anyone who has done some research into the subject knows that there are different kinds of CBD oils. In the UK there is broad spectrum CBD oil, and full-spectrum CBD oil. Taste of CBD that contains THC in traces will always differ from purely CBD products. Here it is vital to understand that various cannabinoids do not differ much in taste or aroma, much difference between the products is due to the content of other phytocompounds.
  • Plant Terpenes. Have you ever had an orange that just lacked taste. Well the same thing goes for CBD! Oranges contain terpenes just as CBD and this is what gives plants and fruits it’s distinct smell, taste and strength.
  • Addition of aromatic compounds. It is not a rare practise to add various natural aromatic compounds or flavours to CBD products. Thus, some may add peppermint, others lavender, and so on. It may significantly influence the taste and aroma.
  • Chlorophyll content. Everyone knows from school days that plants are green due to the content of chlorophyll, a pigment needed for photosynthesis. Some products have more chlorophyll than others. Products with higher chlorophyll content will have a greenish colour and will taste bitter. Thus, those who do not like the bitter taste of dark green CBD products should look for other products.
  • Extraction methods. There are many ways or techniques used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Extraction method influences the final chemical composition of the product. Some extraction methods allow greater removal of chlorophyll and waxes, helping create a less bitter product. Similarly, extraction methods influence the content of terpenes, other phytonutrients, and more importantly of CBD’s content in the final product.

Some individuals may not like the taste of any CBD oil, and in that case, there are still a lot of choices. Such individuals can choose products in capsules. Or, CBD products with added flavours. CBD products are also available for vaping.

Finally, it is vital to understand that due to some of the reasons mentioned above, every batch of the product, even when produced by the same manufacturer, will have a slightly different taste. As the content of terpenes, and other phytocompounds will differ in every batch made.

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