CBD and CBD products are under research from the last 5 years and every day we came across new information regarding CBD. According to the 2017 PubMed central review, there is not a fixed dosage of CBD for everyone. The concept of universal dosage is not valid in the case of CBD as the response of CBD varies from person to person. With the huge range of 20mg to 1500mg, humans can use any dosage as per their liking per day. So, estimating a fixed amount for everyone is not possible. There are still many things that we don’t understand about CBD but with more studies like these, we will be able to answer all the questions.

 Perfect amount of CBD

Figuring out the perfect CBD dosage is not that simple. The dosage of CBD depends upon different factors like:

  • Bodyweight
  • Your health condition
  • Body chemistry and hormones
  • The potency of CBD in each dose

With that many factors involved, you cannot make a rash decision or take the CBD dosage lightly. So, if you are new to CBD then it is recommended to start slow and increase the dosage gradually. It is recommended to start slow as you are introducing CBD first time to your body and your body might need some time to adjust. Once your body is used to CBD, then you can increase the dosage gradually until you have found your sweet spot. For example, if you are starting with 20mg per day and not feeling the desired CBD effect, you can increase the dosage slowly to 25mg and then 30mg until you start to experience the best the CBD as desired. For people with less weight, a low dosage of CBD can work just fine. For people with more weight, more dosage is required to feel the effects of CBD.

How to calculate the CBD dosage

There are numerous CBD products with fixed CBD dosages like CBD gummies, pills, and capsules. You know exactly how much you are in-taking with each dosage and the quantity is labeled at the product as well. For CBD capsule the dosage can be tricky as you have to induce CBD through a dropper. From packaging, you can know how much CBD is in each drop but you have to control how much drops are required for perfect CBD dose. Some companies don’t mention the CBD quantity in a single drop but label total quantity in CBD oil bottle making it more difficult to estimate correct CBD dosage. If you are not clear about the dosage, it is better to contact the supplier and check the correct dosage rather than doing the hit and trial method for the perfect CBD dose.



For newbies, CBD edibles are preferred as you don’t have to measure or estimate the perfect dosage of CBD. Once you are used to the product and wanted to shift to the traditional type of CBD, you can do so. Once you have found your sweet spot for CBD, you can enjoy the maximum effects of CBD without wasting any CBD.

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