CiiTECH has announced a deal with Cannassure to market Provocan THC products for medical use in Israel. The long awaited Provocan THC oil will be available for all patients. According to Flack, this cannabis healthcare company, CiiTECH is one of the highly regarded CBD brands in the UK. It has a flawless international reputation and is the leading and trusted producer of CBD oil tinctures. The Israel THC market will experience international standards for the first time because CiiTECH intends to bring positive transformation. Even though CiiTECH is from the UK, it already has strong roots to make the THC debut in Israel, which is the world’s epicenter of cannabis research.


The collaboration between Cannasure and CiiTECH will benefit patients who want to use cannabis for medical purposes. Cannasure CEO Ran Amir is confident that working with this respected brand will give them a big share of the cannabis market while bringing significant growth among users of cannabis oil.


CiiTECH success lies in its strategy of seeking and using only the highest quality cannabis. They obtain their raw materials from verified cannabis farmers in various parts of the world. With such a supply chain, CiiTECH maintains quality assurance, which eases its entry into new markets like Israel. Their superior quality also remains consistent, hence the success in the industry.


The Israel cannabis market is expected to reform, standardise and establish consistency, reliability, and quality with the help of CiiTECH and Cannassure. The primary strategy to attain these goals is to provide higher quality medical cannabis. These products will be more effective since they are accompanied by a professionally compiled program for pharmacists and doctors.


CiiTECH is an expert in the cannabis industry, and its entrance into the Israeli market intends to close the gaps while meeting the demand in this unstable market. Their products will definitely revolutionize many lives that cannot access quality medical cannabis or information about it. Besides, it is a reputable producer of high-quality medical cannabis in Israel. This used advanced technology to grow cannabis and extract it, which assures users of excellent quality.


Israel has more than 100,000 licensed cannabis users, but 80% of them smoke it instead of using tinctures. They use for medical purposes, but the cannabis lacks consistent high quality. Users complain about the inability to access excellent cannabis all the time. By January 2022, CiiTECH will introduce THC oil to these patients and give them a chance to feel the difference. Their primary goal is to enable these patients to use cannabis differently instead of smoking. This will be accompanied by comprehensive education for users and ambassadors to give them more confidence when using CiiTech cannabis products.


Flack further stated that the Provacan THC oil supply in Israel will be accessible based on the strict European guidelines currently used by CiiTECH. Later on, the product will also be available to the UK and Brazilian patients.


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