CBD and Covid-19 vaccines, what you ought to know?

Numerous experimental studies have been published, indicating that CBD may have specific benefits in managing covid-19 epidemics. Although, any such benefits seem minimal, and there are no official statements from any health authorities.

Few experimental studies even demonstrated that CBD might help prevent cytokine storm in those affected by Covid-19, but again there is no proof of clinical relevance of such finding. Thus, CBD is not recommended for covid prevention or management.

Nevertheless, CBD sales have soared during the Covid-19 epidemics due to various other known or perceived benefits. Some people found that CBD helped them cope with covid related anxiety and other emotional issues.

Use of CBD is on the rise, and mass vaccination against the Covid-19 has started. It logically raises some questions. Is it reasonable to use CBD when planning to get vaccinated?

Early studies show that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties, modulating immune responses in some individuals. Therefore, some specialists suggest that CBD must be avoided by those planning to get vaccinated.

It does not mean that there is some proven adverse interaction between the various covid-19 vaccines and CBD. Most probably, CBD will not have any interaction with vaccines. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to take precautions.

Since CBD alters inflammatory and immune responses to a degree, it might be better to stop taking CBD temporarily. Perhaps stop using CBD products about a week before getting vaccinated and not use them for another couple of weeks after getting vaccinated. Although, casual or once a while use of low dose CBD may not have any harm.

These recommendations are mainly for those using CBD at high doses. Using CBD at a low dosage might not require any specific precautions.

Another vital thing to understand is the possibility of interaction between CBD and various medications used to manage covid-19. This subject is poorly understood yet. Therefore, again researchers recommend avoiding using high dose CBD when getting treated for Covid-19.

To conclude. There is no clinically proven or significant interaction between vaccines and CBD supplements. Thus, CBD is safe for use along with vaccines. However, some specialists recommend discontinuing using CBD for a short period when planning to get vaccinated due to a lack of studies or data.

Finally, it is vital to differentiate between CBD supplements and recreational use of cannabis/marijuana or use of medical marijuana. Those using high dose medical marijuana or frequently using weed for recreational purposes may have muted response to the vaccine in some cases.

On the other hand, CBD supplements have a proven safety record and do not seem to have a clinically relevant influence on immune responses. Thus, safe for use by those planning to get vaccinated or in the post-vaccination phase.


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