CBD and recommendations for safe vaping

The number of CBD vape products are increasing in the market, and despite that, there is limited information for consumers regarding their safety. Some of the benefits of casual vaping are known as it helps quit tobacco smoking in many cases, and may even help get rid of substance addictions.

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) in the US has come up with a document that may help consumers worldwide understand the pros and cons of CBD vaping.

First of all, for those looking to buy vaping products, it is essential to ensure that they buy something that has been legally produced, and sold by licensed shops. Illegal CBD products pose a major health risk as they are not tested by labs, and some of them may have banned substances in them. Needless, to say that counterfeit products pose similar risks.

It is also vital to choose products of known brands or manufacturers. CBD is extracted using various solvents, and low-quality products are not entirely free from these solvents. Most vaping products will also contain non-cannabis ingredient primarily for flavouring, producing vapour cloud, and in many cases of added health benefits.

Some of the additives commonly added are glycerol, propylene glycol, and polyethene glycol. These additives are generally safe for infrequent use. However, it is also vital to understand that the final impact of these additives will also depend on the quality of the vaping device, too. Cheaper vaping devices may overheat the liquid, resulting in the formation of a greater number of toxic substances. Therefore, the importance of high-quality, well-tested vaping device (VapePod) cannot be underestimated.

Some of the manufacturers might add vitamins or similar nutrients in vaping liquids. However, it is vital to understand that inhaling vitamins may not be a good idea. Some of the vitamins, like vitamin E, maybe even harmful on inhalation.

When it comes to flavours, liquids without flavour are indeed safer. It is not because flavours are dangerous for health, but the health effects of most flavours (when inhaled) are unknown to science. Most flavours added to vaping liquids are produced synthetically. If a person wants to choose a flavoured product, then it is better to go for well-known flavours like vanilla, citrus, cinnamon.

It is also common practice to add terpenes to CBD vaping products. Adding terpenes to CBD products is a complex science. Some of the terpenes are very safe and are officially classified as GRAS by regulatory bodies (Generally Accepted as Safe). However, some of the terpenes may be bad for health, especially when overheated. Therefore, when choosing vaping products with added terpenes, it is vital to buy products of well-known brands, as they have invested a lot in research to ensure the safety of end consumers.

To sum up, and stay safe it is best practice to buy vaporisers (vaping devices) and vaping liquids from the same manufacturer. Most manufacturers make sure that their vaporiser device has the right kind of design, and provides the exact with the right amount of heat for vaporising the products made by them.


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