CBD Cheat-sheet: Your Skin

CBA or Cannabidiol is a stable and non-toxic compound that is derived from hemp. It is used instead of THC as a better and healthier alternative as the CBD oil has been used for ages for its many therapeutic effects. It was used to relieve patients of pain, their insomnia, and patients with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Further studies have also found its many uses for when it is applied on the skin relieving many patients of skin conditions.

As the CBD receptors are present in the brain and many parts of the body, in a similar fashion they are also present on the skin. For that scientists are now trying to figure out more ways in which the CBD oil can be used and many different infusions that could cure different skin conditions which somehow mean that soon CBD would be used in skincare brands and might revolutionize the whole cosmetic and skincare industry.

According to a study carried out in Britain, CBD reduces the keratin 10mRNA through the CB1 receptor system that can cure many skin diseases.

Another study later that year stated the role of endocannabinoid in its reaction against a type of skin cancer known as cutaneous melanoma. It showed that AEA induces cytotoxic effects in the melanoma cells. It all carries out through a complex mechanism comprising of the synthesis of COX-2 and LOX products that are all activated ultimately by CB1.

Pruritus is another condition of the skin where it gets extremely itchy and blisters form on top of it from scratch. A study was conducted in which 14 out of total 22 patients got immediate positive effects from CBD and their pruritus was healed after regular use, which means that CBD might not affect on ALL skin types so scientists are still making many different infusions and modifications to help CBD oil work for all skin types.

Dermatitis is a severe inflammation of the skin by which thousands of people are affected. The study on dermatitis leads to the believe that it forms immunity on the skin thereby forming a protective layer to stop a contact infection spread by dermatitis; therefore, CBD is very helpful in healing and stopping an infectious spread by contact of dermatitis.

The CBD through its endocannabinoid system not only protects the skin from infectious skin diseases but it also regulates different functions inside the body to check for proper cell proliferation, the balance of hormones, the survival and health of the cells as well.

CBD is also used in the treatment of psoriasis by acting through a non-CBA/CB2 dependent mechanism to stop the proliferation of the keratinocytes and to therapeutically help heal the condition and inflammation. CBD is now being infused with different acids that are anti-aging and antioxidants as they help deplete the body of harmful oxygen radicals, not only that but also help the cells to regrow and heal. It makes the skin more elastic, more plump and healthy looking by maintaining a balance between cell proliferation and repair.


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