CBD Cheat-sheet: Cannabis and Neuro-Degeneration

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Neuro-degeneration is a condition in which there is degradation of the nerve myelin sheath. The impulse conducting capability of the nerves are impaired, and signs like loss of memory, tingling sensation and hearing loss, as well as imbalance, might be experienced. It is normally a disease for the elderly, but it can also attack the young people if things like cancers, infections and nutritional deficiencies occur.

CBD has the potential to work with these signs through adding strength to the nerves to enhance the nerve conductance of impulses.  The therapeutic importance of Cannabis is practical known because many people are known to have improved from taking this medication.

The Importance of Reversing Neuro-Degeneration

Cannabis (CBD) for Neurodegenerative Diseases optimises the caspases 3 and stabilises the synapses where neurotransmitters pass impulses from one neuron to the other. Through this action, the nerve impulse transmission is stabilised and returned to normal, leading to stabilised mental functioning. CBD increases the mitochondria production in the nerve nuclei thereby giving the nerves the energy to function properly. CBD benefits are many, and they help in promoting the Neuro-functioning.

For CBD to work and attain its clinical relevance, it works on classical ion channels, receptors, transporters, and enzymes. The ion channels are the ones responsible for generating impulses therefore when they are stimulated; the nerve functioning returns to normal. Receptors are the sites where signals are passed to from another neuron for the message to reach the brain. Transporters are the neurotransmitters like acetylcholine that carry the message from one synapse to the other. When all these components are balanced and return to normal, the Neuro-functioning of the nerves is restored. The target of CBD is to restore balance in order to restore the proper functioning of the nerves.

Types of Neuro-Degeneration That CBD Cannabis Can Manage

Neuro-degeneration can be caused by several conditions. CBD can act against inflammatory Neuro-degeneration which is normally caused by infections and other types of diseases. Through adding nerve strength, CBD can also slow aging Neuro-degeneration which is the most common type of degeneration.

In Conclusion

CBD is essential in promoting the health of nerves in the body. It not only ensures nerves function properly but also maintains all the signs and symptoms like hearing loss, memory loss or loss of body balance.

In the UK, no prescription is required since it’s sold as a food supplement and not a medication. There are no clinically proven side effects.


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