CBD in beauty products, what you ought to know?

CBD seems to be everywhere and, in every form, from oil, gummies to even cosmetics. The beauty industry is always quick to accept new scientific findings due to less stringent regulations. But, as the name says, these products are primarily for enhancing aesthetic looks.

Cosmetic products with CBD are a bit different, and they belong to a group called cosmeceuticals. It is a non-official term used to describe beauty products with additional health benefits, especially for skin health. So, these products have certain added benefits.

What type of CBD is there in beauty products?

As one can guess, beauty products are usually free from THC. THC is a primary mild altering compound in cannabis, and it does not have much value in cosmetics. Therefore, like CBD oils or other products for oral use, the cosmetic industry also tries to remain THC-free.

Researchers have realized that the cannabis plant is rich in numerous phytocompounds, and CBD is just one of them. In fact, researchers have now identified more than 80 cannabinoids in cannabis or hemp extract.

Additionally, it is also worth understanding that oils are frequently added to various beauty products due to their skin conditioning effect. Even CBD free hemp seed oil might have specific benefits for skin health as it is rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3s.

How CBD works for skin health?

For those considering CBD for skin, it is essential to understand that these products are not intended for treating skin diseases or conditions. Instead, these are beauty products with added benefits for skin health. Initial research into the subject indicates that CBD may extend the benefits of certain beauty products.

It is believed that CBD may help protect skin from various irritants, like pollutants, reducing the damaging effect of UV rays, and much more. This is due to the antioxidant capacity of CBD. Antioxidants may help slow down skin ageing.

Another proposed way in which CBD may help improve skin health is through its anti-sebum properties. Initial studies show that CBD may help subdue overactive sebaceous glands, and thus reducing the risk of acne and certain other skin conditions. It may also help provide a much-needed glow to the skin.

It is worth knowing that most cosmetic products would use CBD oil, which has many other beneficial phytocompounds less understood by science. Further, fatty acids in CBD oil are also considered helpful for skin health, as they promote skin moisturization, reduce local irritation, promote healing processes. These compounds can help when applied locally and may also help when consumed orally.

It is quite possible that CBD may also help through various other poorly understood mechanisms. Science is still trying to demystify the role of the endocannabinoid system in skin health.

To conclude, researchers are still exploring the role of CBD in skin health, and there are some encouraging initial findings. Although CBD beauty products are not intended to prevent or treat skin diseases, their regular use may have certain added benefits for skin health.


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