CBD Oil: Expectations vs Reality

Wrong expectations can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. On the contrary, the proper understanding of any product may help use it in the right way. Unfortunately, it is not rare to read comments of people complaining that the product did not work for them.

CBD provides relief from the very first dose

Firstly lets make it clear that cannabis is not some miracle aid. However with proper use you will find that it help maintain certain aspesct of your life and keep you level.

UK and EU classify CBD as a novel food. CBD may be used as a food supplement

One should not wrongly interpret that CBD does not work. All it means is that, quite like other food supplements, it needs time to start acting.

Just take an example of a weight-loss diet, it works, but one cannot expect to see results within hours, not even on the first day. Similarly, novel foods like CBD start acting gradually. Looking closer at various clinical studies, one can see that most of these studies are for 8 to 12-weeks.

A person starts taking CBD in small doses. Since it has a long half-life, it keeps accumulating in the body in small amounts and reaches its peak only after few days. It means that anyone would feel the difference at the earliest after 3 to 5 days of regular use. Some individuals might require more extended use.

All CBD oils are similar

It is not valid. There is a considerable difference between various CBD oils. All manufacturers use different technologies to improve the bioavailability of their products.

More importantly, high-quality CBD products work better as they are broad-spectrum and have an entourage effect. Most manufacturers use proprietary technology to gain this effect. For example, one such strategy is adding terpenes to CBD products to boost their benefits or make them effective in certain health conditions. Creating such products require huge expertise.

A higher concentration of CBD means better

It is not true for most substances, even untrue for vitamins, supplements, medications. For example, every medicine has a therapeutic window. Going beyond that may either cause harm or may not result in any added benefit.

It means that quality is a more important factor than quantity. That is why premium products work more predictably than cheaply available high concentration CBD products.

Additionally, one should not be carried away by the claims of high concentration. For example, many CBD products are writing the amount of hemp oil and not total CBD in their product.

CBD oil will make me high

This is false. CBD oil is no-psycoactive and will not make you high. This common misconception comes from the confusion between CBD and THC. The two, althgout come from the same plant family, are very different.

CBD is predominantly found in the hemp plant and THC is found in Marijuana. Both these plants are from the Cannabis plant.

There are hundreds of cannabinoids in the Cannabis plants, and all are uniquely different.

CBD oil is for specific health conditions

People wrongly assume that one should consume CBD only when living with certain health conditions. It is just like saying that one should consume a healthy diet only when living with malnutrition or a medical condition.

The truth is that most CBD users are pretty healthy, and many are even athletes. People consume it regularly to stay in in their best form.


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