CBD to THC, Ratio has potentially different results

Cannabis effects are individual. It means that no product could be right for everyone. Finding the most optimal CBD to THC ratio that works best will help to maximize the potential benefits of cannabis.

CBD : THC ratio is important for an experienced cannabis user and a new person who is trying to decide on the most appropriate wellness regimen. As a result, the ideal ratio or an approximation to ideal one can help an individual achieve the desired outcome.

How to find the right CBD : THC ratio? Let’s consider the following tips.

Find out what is a CBD to THC ratio

This concerns the amount of CBD and THC in any form of cannabis. The optimal ratio of CBD to THC varies according to the user’s body weight, individual physiology, health condition, and cannabis tolerance.

Learn about sensitivity to THC

Some people cannot tolerate THC and experience unwanted effects every time they take the products containing THC. It is caused by genetic differences in how people metabolize cannabinoid1.

A person’s sensitivity to THC is one of the key factors in determining the appropriate ratio.

The most common cause of sensitivity to THC could be the high content of THC in the product. However, it must also be remembered that in some disease conditions, high THC products work better.

See the different effects of CBD and THC

CBD and THC are two primary cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant can be further subdivided into the Hemp Plant and Marijuana Plant. The hemp plant contains a higher CBD to THC ration while the marijuana plant has a higher THC to CBD ration. They also have different effects on the human body when taken alone or together.

Taking THC and CBD together, an individual will experience the most sophisticated effect. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect2. And is a result of the cannabinoids working together and affecting one another.

Taking a full spectrum product will contain all the cannabinoids and the user should experience the ‘entourage effect’ while broad spectrum will contain higher amounts of a single cannabinoid and isolate will contain exclusively a single cannabinoid.

Find out common CBD to THC ratios

There are the following common ratios of CBD to THC:

0:1 contains only THC and no CBD. This ratio has a robust psychotropic effect. It is suitable for people who actually enjoy this or search for the medicinal properties of THC only.

1:1 is the most balanced ratio that is suitable for people who are not sensitive to THC. This ratio is recommended for experienced users that want to use it to support their wellness.

1:2 Highly reduces the risks of the psychoactive components of THC.

1:3 is used to minimize the unwanted side effects of THC.

1:0 is a CBD dominant ratio and offers no psychoactivity. Other CBD dominant ratios with similar properties are 8:1, 18:1, and 25:1. These ratios are useful for beginner users.


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