Choosing the right CBD brand

We are living in exciting times when one of the oldest natural remedy known to humans is widely and legally available. Fortunately, regulatory agencies in various nations have realized that CBD does not harm health, and has many benefits.

However, better regulation and legalization of the CBD market has created a new kind of problem for consumers. Now the issue is of choosing the right product from a plethora of options. Consumers are often left so perplexed that some may even give up.

Choosing the right brand does not have to be so complicated. So, this article has some recommendations, things to look for when making a decision.

  • Source of CBD – It is the number one thing and most important to look. Choose products that are UK or EU certified. It matters, because regulatory norms, quality checks, are most stringent in the UK and EU. UK is now among the largest producers of CBD related products and raw materials. There is a reason why one cannot trust products sourced from Asian countries, or even from the US. In many Asian countries, there is a lack of adequate regulations and quality checks. In the US, the FDA is only responsible for ensuring the safety of supplements, and not their efficacy. Additionally, also ensure that product is made in GMP certified facility.
  • Third-party quality certificates- one of the widely accepted way of ensuring the quality in the supplement industry is by having products certified for quality by third-party labs. Thus, ensuring that product has what it claims to be, and is produced according to well-accepted standards. It will also ensure that excipients added to the products are good enough.
  • Look for other additives – there is nothing like 100% pure CBD, and manufacturers need to add various other compounds to enhance bioavailability, stability, and palatability of the products. Most manufacturers would only add compounds that add to the quality of the product. However, these additives are the frequent cause of unexpected side effects, allergies. Thus, avoid products with artificial flavours, instead, choose the one with natural flavours.
  • Quality of customer service – there are multiple reasons why good customer service matters. Most importantly, it says a lot about the manufacturer and quality standards followed by them. Moreover, when someone starts using CBD, lots of questions arise, and there must be someone reliable to reply to all the queries related to the products.
  • Number of products and variety – is another indirect indicator about how big the producer is, and thus showing the quality of products. Larger manufacturers would rarely sell a single product; they will have a whole range of CBD related products like various types of liquids, sprays, gummies, creams, balms. They might have even non-CBD supplements.
  • Innovative products – CBD is good, but it can be improved in many ways, and innovative companies have their technologies to do that. They have their trade-secrets or know-hows for making products even more useful for the end consumers.

Above are some fundamental requirements that each manufacturer of food supplements must fulfil. If consumers pay attention to these basics, they can easily find the right quality products. Most of the recommendations apply not only to CBD but any other health supplement.

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