CiiTECH is pleased to announce it’s sponsorship of Cannabis Europa in London this November, which coincides with CiiTECH’s LSE listing.


 Cannabis Europa Conference in London, here’s what to expect:


  • A global audience receives ground-breaking, high-quality content from Cannabis Europa. We cover science, policy, and business strategy, allowing our audiences to stay ahead of changes in the marketplace.


  • A unique opportunity to connect with experts and leaders in science, policy, and business.


  • A leading source of information on the European and international cannabis markets.


  • Speakers from the industry provide insightful content.


  • Have your voice heard through workshops, debates, and Q&A sessions.


What does the expert say?


“Cannabis Europa has established itself as the marquee cannabis event in the UK and Europe.  We’re proud to take our place as Gold sponsor at an important time for the cannabis healthcare industry.  We’re excited to present the CiiTECH approach to the industry to the hundreds of high calibre attendees as we all excitedly await for what the post-covid cannabis industry looks like.” Says Clifton Flack Founder/CEO, CiiTECH.


What’s the deal with CBD? 


Can we expect EU cannabis production to grow as a result of the growing demand for CBD products? New businesses are entering the market at an enormous rate, as is the number of educated consumers and investors. 

Are we already seeing the end of this huge sector of the industry? Or will it continue to thrive?


Find out what the panel speakers have to say, Catch Clifton Flack, CEO/Founder of CiiTECH Cannabis Healthcare on the panel alongside Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder/CEO of Prohibition Holdings, Kingsley Wilson, Co-Founder of Chrystal Capital and Stanton McLean, Advisory Director of Artemis Growth Partners on Thursday, November 11, 2021 2:00 PM to 2:40 PM.


Featuring insights from world-renowned government authorities, business leaders, and industry pioneers, Cannabis Europa provides insights right from the source.


Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the most influential and forward-looking figures in the industry. It is difficult to navigate the European regulatory framework regardless of the size of your business, and with so much misinformation being thrown around, it can be difficult to know who to trust.


CiiTECH Cannabis Healthcare 


The company’s mission is to conduct cannabis research and develop consumer brands for global markets. 


CiiTECH’s main brand Provacan, which is considered one of the most trusted CBD brands on the market, as well as CiiTECH’s other brands IMPACT, a sports CBD supplement brand, and HuGG, a skincare and self-care brand, have all had success in the UK.


CiiTECH continues to provide excellent expertise that is evident in both it’s brands and partnerships that contribute to the development of cannabis products for the UK that offer unparalleled products, new technologies and the highest quality products that consumers, businesses and partners alike trust.


CiiTECH continues to offer new and exciting initiatives. To learn more, visit or join us at Cannabis Europa London on November 10-11.





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