CiiTECH was among the top cannabis industry leaders that attended the Global Cannabis Dealmakers’ Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in November for high-level discussions on the emerging global cannabis industry. The international gathering was also an opportunity for industry leaders to network with stakeholders.


The Cape Town summit highlighted the economic role of cannabis in the future of healthcare, international trade, investment and environmental and resource security, with the goal of creating a fair and viable cannabis-related industry globally.


CiiTECH Founder and CEO Clifton Flack was among the presenters, speaking on the topic of “CBD in Rugby and High Impact Sports.”


IMPACT Sports CBD is CiiTECH’s partnership brand with rugby Legends James Haskell and Ben Franks. IMPACT combines CiiTECH’s cannabis research and consumer product with the passion of these two professional sportsmen who truly believe, from personal experience, that CBD works for them. The brand includes CBD products, fitness advice, nutritional guidance, and training tips.


Flack has 25 years of consumer and corporate marketing experience. He entered the emerging medical cannabis industry in late 2014 and helped create CannaTech, the International Conference on Medical Cannabis Innovation & Investment. He founded his second cannabis company CiiTECH in 2017 to focus on the food supplement regulated CBD industry in the United Kingdom.


Today, CiiTECH Ltd is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing cannabinoid products for the global market. It partners and collaborates with leading institutions and companies to develop cutting-edge cannabis innovation and bring it successfully to market.


Among CiiTECH’s brands are:

  • Provacan, the company’s flagship brand that launched the VapePod™, the UK’s first vape pen that has been certified as a medical cannabis device by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The VapePod™ was formulated by CiiTECH and developed by Kanabo Research
  • The HuGG Co., a female lifestyle brand of self-care and spa products that utilizes all-natural botanical ingredients combined with cannabidiol. The product line includes beauty products, skincare, teas, coffees, gift packages, beauty-related merchandise and more
  • IMPACT Sports CBD, is built in partnership with Rugby legends James Haskell and Ben Franks. Both longtime users of Provacan have built a relationship with CiiTECH CEO and founder Clifton Flack to launch their own line of products that bring the same high quality CBD that they are use to with Provacan.

Available shortly in South Africa.


“We want to share our knowledge and expertise in a consumer-friendly narrative, helping people understand what they are buying and putting into their bodies. We strive to present a line of products that are understandable, easy to use and trustworthy,” said Flack.


CiiTECH was also a sponsor at the Global Cannabis Dealmakers’ Conference, which highlighted the business role of cannabis. Speakers at the event addressed, among other topics, South Africa’s cannabis legacy, sustainable cannabis cultivation, current economic and regulatory trends and CBD and the global market.


Other topics included the business of hemp, the global cannabis investment landscape, cannabinoid-based treatments, cannabis regulation and the African cannabis market.


“Cannabis is on the verge of seriously impacting health care and the ways people partake in leisure activities. On the global level, the threat of climate change has opened people’s eyes to hemp as a sustainable plant with innumerable uses for construction, industry and medicine. These recent developments are creating new international ecosystems that will impact everyone from local farm workers in Africa to the world’s largest corporations in the Western world,” said Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of CannaTech and iCAN: Israel-Cannabis.


The Cape Town conference included 50 speakers, including CiiTECH’s Clifton Flack; 500 participants; and 45 sessions that focused on the various cannabis topics.


CannaTech holds several events each year that showcase researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, patients and influencers from every part of the industry across the globe. Upcoming events include the Global Cannabis Dealmakers Conference in Tel Aviv June 15-16. Past events have been held in Switzerland, Panama, Australia and Hong Kong since 2018.


Cape Town was the perfect setting for the event since South Africa legalized the production and export of medical cannabis in 2017. The country is expected to become a global frontrunner in the cannabis industry.


According to CannaTech’s website, Africa’s expansive farmland and ideal climate for cannabis cultivation, has put the country in the middle of a green rush. The Kingdom of Lesotho, a sovereign nation of 2 million bordered on all sides by South Africa, granted the continent’s first license to grow and export legal medical cannabis in 2017. A number of African countries, including Swaziland, Malawi and Zimbabwe, have been examining legalizing cannabis cultivation for medical or industrial applications.



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