The 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards are in!

The Beauty Shortlist Awards

Since 2012 The Beauty Shortlist Awards (BSL Awards) have been celebrating excellence among beauty, wellbeing and grooming brands.  The BSL AWARDS are now the UK’s largest, completely independent, allegiance-free and non-sponsored awards that have since gone global.

What makes these awards so special?

These awards are renowned for its objectivity, transparency and ethical focus. The awards are highly anticipated for every year by industry experts such as beauty buyers, bloggers, news sources, journalists, PRs, retailers, and international distributors as well as the consumers themselves.

The Year 2020 had HUGG as the Winner in Many Categories

The Beauty Shortlist Award and The Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards were held on Monday, 2nd March 2020.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards including beauty and men’s grooming and Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards in the natural health have been judged independently; free from any allegiance to any organization, brand or entity. Additionally, these are completely sponsored and ad-free awards where each product entered in the contest undergo various testing by the industry experts in London, New York, and Sydney. And thereafter the products are rendered the best title suitable for them.

And the winners are:

Best CBD brand in Europe –  HuGG

HuGG takes home the win for Best CBD Brand in Europe.

After HuGG launched in 2019 it quickly became known for its premium CBD oils, infused coffee and lavish bath salts and therefore was able to expand it’s core products and create a full-on CBD beauty skincare line for the ultimate self-care experience.


HuGG is Powered by CiiTECH, which through its investment in cannabis research, has gathered enough knowledge to be confident that the use of pure Cannabidiol Isolate can be very beneficial to the skin and can support ongoing glowing

skin.  HuGG skincare products combine the power of ultra-pure CBD with other adaptogens and natural oils, creating unique and innovative formulations that infuse CBD into the everyday.



Best Cannabis Oil full HuGG

CBD oil which comes in 350mg and 1400mg strength win the best cannabis oil! One for newbies and one for more experienced users looking for a higher dosage.

HuGG CBD Formula has a more mild softer taste thanks to its suspension in MCT Oil making it ideal for sublingual absorption where it goes straight into the bloodstream for maximum absorption.

Best CBD self-care has been awarded to HuGG CBD bath salts.

Our famous bath salts are composed of Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt that support the removal of toxins from the body naturally. Enriched with a hefty dose of 10mg of CBD and infused with just the right amount of sweet orange and ginger root essential oils.

Editor’s Choice Award for HuGG CBD Coffee Scrub

This “wake me up” caffeine inspired scrub is antioxidant-rich and infused with coffee butter and essential oils. It is formulated with 50mg CBD and infused with sunflower seed oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, coffee butter, carrot, vitamins, hyaluronic acid pumpkin to achieve the finest exfoliation and skin hydration.


And for runner up… HuGG takes 2 finalist spots for the categories of ‘Best Cuticle Treatment and ‘Best Bath Salts!


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