CBD industry is transforming fast, getting better regulated and research-based. Thus, there has been lots of changes, not just in industry regulations, but also in requirements towards products. Ideal CBD product must be safe for various population groups.

IMPACT has focused lots on coming up with purer forms of CBD, that is fit for various population groups (more particularly for sportspeople), and yet is high in potency.

Certain population groups cannot compromise. These are population groups who cannot tolerate even traces of THC in their product.

Athltes have long been demanding such a product, and there is a reason. Most sportspeople are very healthy individuals; however, they take supplements and use natural extracts to support focus, performance, and injuries. And, now 0% THC premium quality CBD range can provide that support to these individuals.

Removing THC completely from this particular product means that it fully complies with new novel foods regulations. It also means that it can now undergo clinical studies in much broader population groups.

IMPACT mainly specialise in producing CBD products for sportspeople. Various professional athletes have since long been demanding something free from THC since they cannot risk a positive drug test.

IMPACT since its launch has been working with pro-rugby’s Ben Franks to bring to market a top-quality 0%THC range.

Thus, IMPACT came up with 0% THC CBD after understanding the needs of professional athletes. IMPACT wanted something that is highly pure, free from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and the more significant challenge was of coming with something that is certified to be THC free. So, now various individuals in professional sports can confidently use this product for different needs.

Since IMPACT wanted to come up with CBD product that is created using the same stringent norms as pharma drugs, it tied up with TTS Pharma for manufacturing this particular product. Mark Tucker at TTS Pharma said that “We are delighted to be able to partner with IMPACT – a professional sports brand that everyone can identify with. Irrespective of whether you are a professional or part-time athlete we each need to have full confidence in a CBD product’s quality and provenance”.

This 0% THC CBD is unique in many ways, and it took long for TTS Pharma to create this product. TTS pharma spent 18 months in research and development of the product. IMPACT, along with TTS Pharma, has come up with this product by keeping specific needs of the UK and EU market, its regulatory environment. UK and EU are the most demanding markets when it comes to quality.

For those more interested in product specifications, it comes in a bottle of 60 sprays. This ensures proper dosing, ease of use, and faster absorption of CBD. Product is manufactured according to ISO/GMP standards, and each batch of the product gets tested by the third-party lab.


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