Provacan works closely with associations and regulators to enhance the quality of CBD products. They are keen on ensuring that their products are compliant with British Standards to ensure customers retain trust in their goods. Motivated by the return and good reviews of customers, Provacan ensures all the batches of products meet the laboratory standards to enhance efficacy and safety.


Provacan has always been a consumer-focused brand.  By incentivizing its customers with the ambassador’s program is another step forward to showing it’s commitment to its customers.


To ensure reciprocation, Provacan has launched a program for loyal CBD customers and healthcare ambassadors. The best way to possibly keep ambassadors happy is by giving them awesome rewards. Barely two weeks into the launch of the new ambassador program, Provacan has already appointed more than 100 customers to VIP status.


How then do you earn the points? Firstly, you create a customer account to earn 100 points, or once you place an order, your account will automatically open and receive some reward points.


How do you redeem the points? Once you receive the points, you should open the REWARDS pop-up section on the Provacan website. Equally, click the “See rewards section “and use the redeem buttons.


What are the rewards? You are supposed to redeem the points for discounts, coupons, and store credit. Do the reward points expire? Yes, they do. The points expire after one year. If you get a reward for the points, redeeming them and enjoying the products is vital.


Consequently, Provacan customers can now redeem points for CBD products on Points can be earned by purchasing products to referring and sharing Provacan products on social media platforms, they receive points. In addition, the rewarded points are redeemed for discounts and make the customers feel they are part of the Provacan community. It is essential to note that, once a customer has reached the VIP level, they earn double. How do you become a VIP? By spending 500 pounds within six months, a customer is promoted to become a VIP.


CiiTECH was founded by CEO Clifton Flack and saw a huge opportunity in the UK, where created CiiTECH’s leading brand Provacan. The CEO equivocally states that the “Provacan consumer brand has received a good response within the UK market “. Therefore, keeping close attention with customers has been their aim. In doing so, customers are rewarded with coupons and discounts by the company. They say, “the launch of the rewarding program has been waiting for long“; thanks to the company, their customers can now have something to smile about. Imagine, customers gain 100 points by creating accounts, and a friend referral worth 10 pounds gives a reward of 20 pounds. This must be encouraging because customers will have the urge to come back.


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