London, United Kingdom – CiiTECH, one of the leaders in cannabis  research, is now leading the way in cannabis education. CiiTECH announced that it is launching the first of its kind Cannabis Education Course, specifically focused on pharmacy professionals.

Use of cannabis for health is not a new notion. However, its acceptance by the medical world has been slow. Medical use of cannabis-related products has become legal only in the last few years. This has created a very specific kind of challenge, a knowledge gap in practising pharmacists. Most professional pharmacists lack adequate knowledge about cannabis and thus difficulty in providing consultation.

The industry experts recognize that the cannabis industry in the UK cannot advance without filling this knowledge gap. Regretfully, the pharmacist also remains neglected. This particular course will help them master various fundamental concepts so that they can confidently respond to the queries of the customers.

Changes in laws surrounding medical cannabis have been slow, and most changes occurred from 2018 and onwards. It has happened due to the efforts of advocates such as Hannah Deacon, Alfie Dingley’s mother. She campaigned extensively for allowing medical use of cannabis in children living with epilepsy. The campaign received colossal attention globally, resulting in approval of medical use of cannabis in specific medical conditions.

At present, there are only a few conditions in which physicians can prescribe cannabis. However, it is vital to understand that its usage in medicine will only expand in the future. It is now legal to prescribe cannabis in some resistant cases of epilepsy, help overcome chemotherapy’s adverse effects, and relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Data shows that more and more doctors are now prescribing cannabis for medical conditions. In 2020, 3000 prescriptions were inscribed. However, these numbers will grow exponentially as doctors realize the full potential of medical cannabis. The growth is expected to occur due to the introduction of new products and the expansion of the use of medical cannabis for various other conditions.

The cannabis industry in the UK is expected to expand from £300 million in 2020 to £3 billion by 2025. It is evident that more people will seek advice from pharmacists before starting using any cannabis products. For many individuals, their local pharmacy is the trusted source of information.

CiiTECH has introduced the comprehensive 15 module course, and candidates will receive a certification on its completion. It is also expected that the course will get CPM accreditation soon in the UK and also possibly in the EU.

The course is developed in collaboration with the Medical Cannabis Mentor. The CEO of Medical Cannabis Centre believes that this course will help individuals differentiate facts from myths. It will help boost the professional proficiency of front-line workers like pharmacy professionals. The course is quite engaging, and it will help professionals make learnt decisions, provide accurate information. The course covers the most fundamental and some advanced concepts.

CiiTECH CEO Clifton Flack believes that in this evolving industry, pharmacy professionals hold the key. Since many non-critical services are now being transferred from doctors to professional pharmacists, it is no secret that pharmacy professionals are allowed to manage issues like anxiety, drug addiction, insomnia, and much more.


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