CiiTECH offering generous discounts to NHS, Health Care and Key Workers amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Anyone holding a valid NHS, health care or key worker ID card can choose between two CiiTECH brands – The HuGG Co and IMPACT Sports CBD and apply their special discount code at checkout. Codes will be generated by emailing your UK NHS or equivalent I.D. card to

CiiTECH has shown huge support in the health care community through numerous sponsorships and partnerships in the UK and globally. Today is no different and with the highly stressful COVID-19 outbreak CiiTECH hopes to give back a little by offering this generous discount.

“Times are very stressful, and we see our healthcare workers working tirelessly on the frontlines to take care of the rapidly growing number of COVID-19 cases reported in the UK, whilst simultaneously taking care of already sick patients. They are being forced to put their own fear and safety aside to perform their magnificent duties. We hope that we can show just a little of our gratitude by offering a discount to these health care angels.“ Says CiiTECH founder and CEO Clifton Flack


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