CiiTECH pledges educational grant to UK’s MCCS, as it understands the need to inform and educate people, healthcare industry stakeholders about new developments in the field of cannabis-related remedies.

This educational endeavour will further help consolidate the position of CiiTECH as one of the pioneering, research-based organization. It will help validate, first of its type, CiiTECH Pharmacist Education Course about medical cannabis. Prof. Mike Barnes from MCCS stated that they are excited to work with one of the leading cannabis research organization, that is with CiiTECH.

CiiTECH is a consumer-centric company that provides value-added cannabis-based products to consumers. It continually works with the leading experts of the industry to ensure the quality of their products.

CiiTECH CEO Clifton Flack believes that as the UK starts rolling out Novel Food Regulations, there will be many changes in the cannabis products market. It will help the company to project its star brand Provacan in the same category as medical cannabis.

MCCS (Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society) is made up of medical experts with extensive experience in the UK and internationally. MCCS is a non-profit organization consisting of clinicians who were first to adopt medical cannabis in their practice.

As cannabis gains more significant importance in healthcare, there will be an increased necessity to provide healthcare workers with scientific information and training. In that way, both MCCS and CiiTECH have shared values, belief in furthering the use of medical cannabis by supporting research and education.

CiiTECH is working in close association with Neurologist Professor Mike Barnes, who chairs MCCS. Professor Mike Barnes has dedicated a considerable time in his professional life to advancing the research into medical cannabis associated research, education, and clinical leadership. He said that he is immensely grateful to the company for providing this grant, which will help their organization enhance their training and educational abilities.

MCCS’s coordinator, patient advocate, and executive director Hannah Deacon will also be contributing significantly to this particular effort. She has years of experience in campaigning for patients’ rights. Her participation will ensure that patients interests are not compromised at any stage.

At CiiTECH, everyone is thrilled to participate in this project. CiiTECH VP for brand marketing Sarah Flack said that they are looking forward to this collaboration; combining the experience of both the teams will open new pathways for medical cannabis-related education and innovation.


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