CiiTECH’s brands are ready for sale in the Rainbow Nation, the land where green turns to gold. 


CiiTECH Cannabis Healthcare is a globally recognised company, from the beginning, great emphasis has been placed on building strong relationships in the cannabis sector, with a focus on research and development.


CiiTECH works with some of the leading researchers and institutions developing new, safe-to-use technologies in the cannabis industry. And while CiiTECH strives to focus it’s extensive range of products and services on the health and wellness industry, it is also making inroads in the sports, pet care and beauty industries.


In addition, the company places great emphasis on educating the world about the benefits and uses of cannabis products, and especially on educating medical professionals in their knowledge of cannabis and CBD products.


CiiTECH’s brands focus on producing CBD products from high quality hemp. CBD is not psychoactive and is a very different cannabinoid than THC, which has a psychoactive effect.


Following the amazing success of CiiTECH in the UK as one of the UK’s most trusted CBD brands, CiiTECH is now set to launch in South Africa.


And finally – a CBD brand engineered for sport!


CiiTECH will lead the launch with a focus on IMPACT Pro, the latest development in CBD products for sport. With close links to rugby and grassroots projects, this is a key pivot for the company, which is widely known for its flagship brand Provacan.


As Global Founder Partner Sponsor of Tel Aviv Heat, a professional Israeli rugby union team based in Tel Aviv that competes annually in the Rugby Europe Super Cup Eastern Conference, CiiTECH intends to continue to focus on the world of rugby. The Impact brand will also be introduced in other sports where the key benefits of CBD application will also apply.


With the appointment of Kevin Musikanth (Varsity Cup winner and Tel Aviv Heat rugby director) and Nic Groom (former Super Rugby and European rugby icon) as sports ambassadors, CiiTECH aims to capture a large chunk of the sports market in the country.


CiiTECH aims to be the CBD company recognised as contributing to the development of grassroots sports and will conduct groundbreaking trials and research into the development of cannabis products in the South African economy.


Provacan, a long-time favourite in the UK, will launch simultaneously with its line of high-quality, reliable CBD products that appeal to a broader audience and focus on overall wellness benefits. Provacan has always been consumer-focused and will remain so in South Africa.


Also look out for the release of the expanded CiiTECH ranges, including HuGG, a skincare and self-care brand operated by the melura group, and the increasingly popular pet range.


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