Different ways of using CBD isolates

CBD can be used in almost every conceivable way, and one can consume it, use sublingually, add to food products, and so on. CBD isolate provides greater freedom, in that sense.

Countries like India have a long tradition of cannabis use for managing ailments or using it in various religious ceremonies. In India, edible part of cannabis, called “Bhang” in the local language, has been consumed, at least, since 1000 BC. However, what many people do not know that in India, it was common practice to add cannabis to food products (like sweets) and even milk cocktails. Even in modern India, cannabis is mixed with milk to produce a traditional drink, particularly during the festival of “Holi”.

What is CBD isolate, and how to use it?

It is the CBD in its purest form or 99% of it. Such a high purity CBD can only be made on an industrial scale using unique technologies. CBD isolate is either available as a powder or crystal form. Although, if someone looks at its per gram cost, it may sound quite expensive, in reality, it is much cheaper than buying CBD products containing CBD in milligrams.

As one can guess, buying CBD isolate, has some benefits. People can use consume it directly in tiny amounts, or use it to produce the CBD products according to their taste and preferences.

CBD isolate if ingested, will provide health benefits quickly. Letting CBD isolate to dissolve below the tongue (sublingual route) may ensure that it enters the body almost instantly.

However, the significant benefit of using CBD isolate is the freedom it provides, liberty of a way of consuming or using it. One may add it to beverages, cocktails, various food products. Needless to say, that when added in recommended amounts to the food products, one will not feel its taste.

As one can guess, another significant benefit of CBD isolate is an extremely low content of impurities. It does not contain any THC. Lack of other phytocompounds means minimal risk of allergic reactions or other unwanted effects.

CBD isolate has one significant drawback too. It may not be as suitable for specific health conditions as expected. It is vital to understand that natural ingredients do not work in isolation; they work better when supported by other phytocompounds. Modern science still does not fully understand the supporting role (or enhancing role) of other phytocompounds in CBD, but they know that it exists, and they call it “entourage effect”. This entourage effect will be absent in CBD isolate, meaning lower benefits in certain conditions.

Some of the best ways to use it are:

Before using it, ensure one need to ensure that he or she has a right quality scale, that can measure correctly in milligrams.

  • Ingesting. It is the easiest way, as one can add it to various food items, drinks, beverages. However, do not add CBD to food products before cooking. Also, consume the food items or beverages on an empty stomach, as this will ensure its quick absorption.
  • A pretty simple method, all one has to do is leave a few milligrams of CBD below the tongue for a couple of minutes. Since the tongue has an excellent blood supply, it gets absorbed immediately from there.
  • Yes, one can mix CBD to favourite body cream and then apply the cream on the clean and dry skin. The dermal route is also one of the most effective ways preferred by some individuals.
  • Mixing CBD to e-juice is not simple, but some may like this method.
  • A more complicated way of using CBD, it involves exposing CBD to high temperatures and then inhaling its vapours. There are various dabbing rigs commercially available.



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