Entourage Effect & Terpenes… a quick guide


How does CBD work?

CBD is used widely all over the world these days, as an alternative treatment to a lot of diseases and illnesses while improving the quality of life. A lot of common and serious diseases are treated using CBD, for example, diabetes, nausea, Parkinson, epilepsy, depression, osteoporosis, spinal injury, glaucoma, MS and Crohn’s disease.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are basically molecules that spread fragrance and are a main part of the resin. They are a part of almost all the essential oils and emit fragrance in them. Besides this, they also have a lot of health-related benefits and have caught the scientists’ attention all across the globe due to their unlimited benefits and therapeutic effects.

What is the entourage effect

The relationship between CBD and Terpenes is commonly known as the Entourage Effect.  The cannabinoids and terpenes, both have amazing effects on our bodies. Although they have their own unique properties, but they do not work at their best when used alone, but when combined, they work like a complete medication and a therapeutic programme. They improve the blood circulation of our body, improve the cortical activity, have antibiotic properties and therefore, kill the harmful bacteria that may cause severe infection, kill the pathogens damaging the respiratory tract, and in addition to this, they also fight depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and addiction.

The entourage effect was discovered back in the 1960s when BBC hosted a programme where they did an interesting experiment to find out the results of using the cannabinoids and terpenes together, and alone.

They gave a high dose of THC to one of their reporters and noticed the after-effects. They noticed that the reporter had feelings of sadness and depression after being given the THC dose alone. Then, they combined a dose of CBD and THC together to find out the results and surprisingly, the reporter became extremely happy and started laughing uncontrollably. It was then found out that for good results, it is very important to group both of them together.

Here are a few main conditions that CBD and Terpenes help you with:

  1. Provide relief.
  2. Help emotional balance.
  3. Fight infection.
  4. Improve cardiac health.
  5. Improve the blood supply to all parts of the body.

Although it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active and eating clean and healthy, using CBD oils in addition to it works wonders as it improves your overall health.

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