VapePod™ combines the healing power of medically certified cannabis with the convenience of a vape pen. Provacan, A CiiTECH brand, launched the VapePod™ on its online shop last month.


VapePod™ is the UK’s first vape pen that has been certified as a medical cannabis device by the Israeli Ministry of Health.


“Sales have exceeded expectations so far,” said Clifton Flack, CiiTECH CEO and founder. “People are excited to have access to this product. The feedback we have received from customers is that they love how easy it is to use.”


VapePod™ was developed by Kanabo Research. CiiTECH regularly partners and collaborates with leading institutions and companies to bring cutting-edge cannabis products to market.


This innovative device is designed for use with pre-filled Provacan CBD cartridges developed by CiiTECH and Kanabo Research. Because they are pre-measured, there is no mess and no guessing. The cartridges rely on a patent-pending carrier solution instead of traditional e-liquids.


The Provacan CBD cartridges come in an assortment of targeted terpene CBD formulations, including proprietary Day and Night formulas. Both are crafted with THC-free, broad spectrum cannabis oil and made from EU compliant hemp strains. They are enriched with CBD and CBG and developed in a GLP pharma grade Israeli facility.

“For years it has been clear that best-of-breed cannabis research and product development is happening in Israel. Our customers demand a level of trust in CBD products that we are able to meet through both our own research and collaborations. There’s a real growth in consumer understanding of the terpenes. We believe our proven formulas together with the VapePod™ device deliver an exceptional level of CBD innovation and efficacy not previously seen in the industry.” said Flack.


He added that since VapePod devices are extremely popular in the UK, people demand good quality and they know it when they see it.


“People in the UK and global markets have come to depend on CiiTECH for developing unique cannabinoid products that are made with industry-leading materials and perform well,” said Flack.


The Royal College of Physicians continues to contend that vaping is still far less harmful than smoking tobacco, which is the biggest avoidable cause of death, disability and social inequality in health throughout the UK. Other benefits include: 

  • Operation at lower temperatures. Vape devices work at much lower temperatures than a cigarette, preventing harmful tars from bring inhaled into the lungs
  • No offensive odors. Cigarette smoke has a distinctive smell that can linger on your body, in your car and on your clothes
  • Additional control. Because the cartridges are pre-filled and pre-measured, customers have increased control of their nicotine intake.


With this in mind, remember that a quality vaping experience is only as good as the vaping device being used. The Provacan VapePod™ features a sealed chamber and ceramic heater coil that optimises vaping efficiency.


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