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Inspired by Science, Driven by Insight

From cannabis research to consumer brands.

CiiTECH vision

CiiTECH is a brand building, consumer focused company dedicated to ongoing cannabis research and the commercialisation of cannabis products. CiiTECH uses its partnerships with leading institutions and scientists to create niche consumer brands. We continually innovate as we strive to create the best science-led brands in the cannabis sector.


Global partnerships with local distributors and regulatory organisations provides resources to successfully distribute our market leading brands worldwide.

Scientific research

CiiTECH has partnered with the leading Israeli academics, institutions and organisations to invest in and conduct innovative cannabis research.


 Deep sector cannabis and consumer knowledge ensures our consumer products are made to the highest regulatory standards, made in the UK & EU.


  • CiiTECH uses its partnerships, data driven knowledge in science and consumer behaviours to create thriving brands that meet real consumer needs.
  • This insight-led approach to brand building is the starting point of commercialising high quality cannabis products, starting the CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids into global health and wellness markets.
  • The first and flagship brand Provacan has been retailing successfully since 2017, not long after it was launched.


The portfolio of brands span across thoroughly researched niche sectors, each have their own carefully curated range of products to fit that market.

Expertly Formulated, Widely Trusted.

Provacan has proven itself to be a recommended CBD brand of choice by customers in many counties who use these products.

Formulated for Success

Impact is a sports brand that brings science-led CBD to professional athletes and those who are serious about keeping fit.


The HuGG Co. is a female lifestyle brand with a scientific approach to cannabinoid self-care, beauty and cosmetics.

Trusted CBD for Pets

Propaws is a brand for pets of all sizes formulated to provide the finest tinctures and topicals in a variety of tasty flavours.


The introduction of general health and wellness is followed by unique and indication specific brands, backed by clinical research and protected by International patents.

Slim down the cannabis way

Canaslim is a food supplement for weight loss developed using proven compounds and a patented cannabis formulation.

Balance work life pressures

Hangover is a fast acting and patented cannabis formulation researched and designed to help combat that day after feeling.

research & focus

We’re currently funding a range of clinical studies aimed at unraveling the vast range of minor cannabinoids, bringing better understanding and more effective products to market.

The UK MCCS is an independent non-profit community organisation led by medical experts and dedicated to increasing the understanding of cannabis benefits among practitioners. Led by Professor Mike Barnes, Dr. Dani Gordon and Hannah Deacon, the committee members provide mentoring and guidance for clinicians new to the sector. Many members of the society have become first prescribers of safe and legal cannabis in the UK and as a community are essential in evolving the use of cannabis as an effective medicine for people living with chronic conditions. We are proud to support and work with these professors and doctors on an ongoing basis, sharing knowledge and advocating for the expansion of non-psychoactive cannabis medicine.

We continually work with and support the IMCNA to develop better understanding of how patients and caregivers benefit from using medical cannabis. Led by dedicated nurses Irit Avisar and Rachel Mayberrie, the non-profit organization provides ongoing and professional education programs to nurses so they can improve the quality of care for medical cannabis patients in Israel and around the world. Israel has an unparalleled medical cannabis knowledge at the level of nurse care and this expertise and deep understanding in cannabis patient care is a valuable resource for everyone in the cannabis industry.

Research Center for Cannabis and Metabolic Disease

CiiTECH Labs is a joint venture between CiiTECH and Yissum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, globally renowned for its cannabis discoveries dating back to the 1940’s when Professor Meshulam discovered CBD and THC. The center was established in 2019 after achieving significant success in a previous trial with Dr Yossi Tam which resulted in a patent pending technology for NAFLD. 

The discovery that cannabis and phytocannabinoids could potentially have therapeutic effects on NAFLD and other metabolic disorders led to the creation of CiiTECH Labs. The research project continues here, alongside a general commitment to explore the use of cannabis use in all metabolic disorders.


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