How Water Soluble CBD Works

Understanding How Water Soluble CBD Works

The CBD for therapeutic purposes has traditionally and now classically been sold in CBD ‘oil’ format, and this is what people were used to for a very long time. Recently, water-soluble CBD has begun to gain traction among consumers in the USA with up to 20% of CBD sold in water-soluble form.  So what is water-soluble CBD and what is it used for?

Water Soluble CBD is absorbed rapidly and completely by the body when taken orally. In fact, the uptake starts to occur in the mouth almost immediately upon oral administration. This means higher potency and faster onset of action. In addition, our Water Soluble CBD is water-compatible and can be easily mixed into beverages at essentially any desired concentration

Definition of Water Soluble CBD

Just as the name suggests, this is emulsified CBD that gets absorbed faster than regular CBD oil. To understand this, let`s evaluate how the Tincture CBD oil is used. For the CBD oil tincture, you take it as oil drops and swallow it or as capsules, and you swallow it. Therefore it has to go through the digestive system and be digested appropriately so that it is absorbed into the blood. Therefore the process of getting the intended reaction on the CBD2 receptors takes a while. 

How Water Soluble CBD Works

Water-soluble CBD dissolves quickly since the human body is mostly water.  Blood is almost 80% water, therefore, effectiveness will be felt within a very short time compared to oil. 

Another factor we might consider is the bioavailability of food that goes into your stomach. We know that the processing of this food will take time and in other cases, it will not be absorbed wholly. Therefore a smaller percentage of the CBD oil will go into the system. However, with water-soluble CBD significantly more is absorbed.

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