HuGG & Provacan Make ASOS Beauty Awards 2022 Shortlist

CiiTECH has announced that their flagship brands Provacan and HuGG have been shortlisted on the annual ASOS Beauty Awards 2022 shortlist. Provacan has been selected with two products, the CBD Blemish Control Anti-Sebum Gel and the CBD Age Control Eye Cream while HuGG has been shortlisted with its Clay Face Mask. This is a great achievement from these new brands on ASOS which showcases their innovative formulas for beauty products and services to the whole world by being placed on this prestigious list together with other famous names in the cosmetic industry. 


CiiTECH’s innovative formulas and quality CBD products have been providing an array of quality products over the years. Presently they are on sale in more than a dozen countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions. The product ranges offered by them aim to support skin hydration and conditioning which are important skincare factors when it comes to extreme weather conditions or age. Their studies show that women would definitely go for those beauty products that can deliver results within a very less time frame as compared to other beauty products available in market today as it saves both time and money. They believe that you don’t need to spend all your life applying makeup on your face daily but you can choose one of their cosmetics ranges and solve most of your skin issues within a few weeks/months rather than spending a huge amount on make up each day. 


These selected products are purely natural products that are effective in promoting good skin care. The selection was made after an extensive survey where customers were asked about their satisfaction level with some of the most popular brands.  

In a recent survey conducted by ASOS, nearly 75% of women aged 18-35 expressed an interest in incorporating CBD into their skincare routine. 

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 CiiTECH’s products work wonders on your skin. Choosing a beauty brand however, can prove to be difficult. Not only does one need to consider what they like and want, but also all of their allergies and sensitivities, we often become sensitive to new things when we switch up our routines. It’s important to know how best to approach selecting a line or product so you get a cosmetically pleasing outcome every time! We can assure you that if you have not already incorporated CBD in your beauty regime, there is no better time than the present. You won’t be disappointed. Lastly, help us win with our three products in the run, VOTE NOW! 

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