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CIITECH, a UK-Israel cannabis biotech startup, announces the availability of Herbalica’s non-psychoactive, cannabis-derivative supplements based on Israeli science to UK consumers via The products include CBD (Cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive ingredient or cannabinoid found in both hemp and regular cannabis strains.

Located in Israel, Herbalica’s parent company HerbalTune has developed and supplied a range of therapeutic, botanical products to their local market for the past three years. In March 2016, they entered into a joint venture with Seach, one of Israel’s licensed medical cannabis cultivators, to create and supply cannabis-based products blended with synergistic plant extracts. Seach administers Herbalica’s medical cannabis products to over 5000 patients, continually monitoring and analyzing patient data and feedback.

Israel’s leading scientific institutions and hospitals have been investigating the effects of cannabis for medicinal purposes for over fifty years and legally treating patients with it for the past ten years. The country’s supportive regulatory environment and collaborative healthcare ecosystem place it at the vanguard of cannabis research for medicinal purposes.

Herbalica’s supplements for the UK are formulated for specific indications:

  • HisTime – to promote hormone balance for improved male performance, to protect against prostate inflammation, to build sperm quality and quantity
  • HerTime – balances estrogen and progesterone to ease period pain and ovulation pain
  • CalmTime – to help combat anxiety, to de-stress, to lift one’s spirits and to balance one’s mood
  • MindTime – to help focus the mind and assist those with daily behavioural conditions such as ADHD
  • NightTime – helps support a deep state of relation to induce natural sleep, mitigating stress-related anxiety and insomnia

“Our supply of cannabis-based products in Israel is effectively a live clinical study and we’re seeing great results after just one month of patients taking them, ” says Dr. Yahav Bleicher, Herbalica’s founder. “There’s a unique opportunity in the UK to supply our unique formulations together with CBD and we’re looking forward to hearing feedback.”

The CBD compound is considered both a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety agent, with researchers suggesting it could be a new remedy for chronic pain. In 2016, the UK Government reclassified cannabis, scheduling only the psychoactive compounds of the drug in their Psychoactive Substances Act. A few months later, the MHRA ((Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) recognized the potential therapeutic effect of CBD.

Clifton Flack, founder of CIITECH adds “The UK market is somewhat different to Israel where ‘patients’ receive ‘medicine’. In the UK, cannabis remains illegal with little expectation of a medical program being implemented any time soon. However, the non-psychoactive compound CBD is being designated as a food supplement, with regulation to follow shortly. With multiple therapeutic benefits associated with CBD, we envisage substantial demand for these products, positioned alongside the likes of aloe vera, omega 3 and turmeric.”

Herbalica products are priced £59.97 for 50ml, available via

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