IMPACT Sports CBD and WiT-Training team, on Thursday 9th January, teamed up for the launch of brand-new CBD supplement enterprise of IMPACT’s very own rugby icons Ben Franks and James Haskell. We are a sports CBD supplement venture that is powered by a UK-registered cannabis biotech company known as CiiTECH in partnership with CiiTECH CEO Clifton Flack.

Ben Franks and James Haskell, founders of IMPACT Sports CBD, selected Wit London Flagship Hub as the venue for the launch of their CBD supplement collection of capsules, oils, and balm. WiT London flagship training hub is not only a training facility where a number of classes are offered including gymnastics, metcon, endurance, strength club, and weightlifting but a retail store as well. With the rising trend of CBD consumption and the popularity it is gaining, Franks and Haskell at IMPACT Sports CBD aim at educating people about the misconceptions and myths that are often associated with the use of CBD. They also aim at teaching people about the benefits they can get from CBD and how it can be an extremely effective drug in supporting their training and aiding their athletic bodies in recovery so that they can also get the maximum benefit from this wonderful drug.

This launch also included high-intensity interval training or HIIT workout session that was co-coached by our superstars, Franks and Haskell. The guests at the launch were treated to The Fields Beneath’s delicious plant-based canapes and they also got to try the whole range of products. During this launch, there was a panel talk and a Question and Answer session from the founders from where people got to learn about the amazing and life-changing benefits of CBD. The launch of IMPACT Sports CBD at the WiT London flagship training hub gave people an interactive platform where everyone was allowed to discuss and question everything they had in mind, making all the discussions unrestrained that added to the wonderful experience all of us had here.

CBD is a revolutionary drug that has a number of benefits, especially for athletes like Ben and James themselves. CBD has been an integral part of their training and their positive experience of CBD led them to the formation of IMPACT Sports CBD and their collaboration with WiT. Haskell gives credit to CBD for his recovery and the support to his body during his journey from rugby to mixed martial arts in 2019.

IMPACT Sports CBD garnered the attention of a huge number of customers with its soft launch in September 2019. With the removal of CBD from the banned list after World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA’s order, it has taken the top spot as a safe and effective supplement that is being used by people around the world. WiT London flagship training hub is going to be the first gym to have IMPACT Sports CBD products on-site. IMPACT Sports also looks forward to collaborations on future partnerships and events with WiT fitness.

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