Medicalized cannabis to be emancipated in Israel next month.

Finally we see some change, over 18 months since Ultra Orthodox Minister Litzman sent shockwaves through the country by announcing his belief that medical cannabis should be dispensed in pharmacies like any other drug.

Yesterday at a government committee meeting, Yuval Landshaf promised that by the end of August this year we’ll see 100 physicians able to process and provide cannabis licenses to patients. During a heated debate at Knesset Committee on Drug Abuse yesterday where patients, doctors and civil servants gave a wide ranging list of complaints, the announcement that the process is gathering pace was welcomed by all.

Committee head MK Tamar Zandberg said: “The news that came out this morning from the ministry is encouraging, and we will continue to monitor and ensure that it is implemented. But it is not enough. In recent months, the situation in the field of medical cannabis seems to be becoming more complex, with pain clinics preventing treatment, faxes that disappear, long waits on the telephone, and finally the middlemen who enter the field and benefit from the bureaucratic difficulties in the process.”

The ministry of health has confirmed it install a new computer system to handle the medical cannabis licensing and distribution. It will be integrated into the clinics, on doctors desks, and at pharmacies, at an investment of NIS 2 million.

Additional beurocratic and operational promises were pledged including; the number of clerks will be doubled to speed up the bureaucratic process and shorten waiting times at the Medical Cannabis Agency, the unit tasked with regulating and operating the country’s 30,000 medical cannabis patients.

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