More Britons seek CBD products to relieve COVID epidemics related anxiety

Specialists are already calling Covid epidemics related rise in mental disorders a silent epidemic. Studies confirm that the problem is widespread. Despite its high prevalence, it remains a poorly recognized problem. Nevertheless, emerging data affirms that one cannot neglect the rise in mental disorders due to Covid.

As the Covid related lockdown progressed, more than half of the Britons reported increased anxiety. Studies especially show an upsurge in anxiety in younger adults. Such a surge appears to be caused by interpersonal conflicts, loneliness, and feeling of lesser certainty regarding the future.

Although loneliness is the most significant cause of increased anxiety in young adults, there are numerous other factors. Many found it challenging to adapt to working from home. Married individuals or those living in civil partnership experienced worsening of relationship.

The sales data of CBD products also support concerns regarding this parallel epidemic. Sales of CBD products have soared during the lockdown. The year 2020 witnessed almost 50% growth in CBD sales compared to 2019.

Interestingly, data also shows that many individuals bought CBD product for the first time in their life. Most people believe that CBD may help them during episodes of acute anxiety. Further, they buy thinking that it might be useful for managing painful conditions and improving sleep.

People frequently look for natural or non-pharmacological remedies during epidemics. During the lockdown, people had more time for searching and learning about CBD, which may also explain increased confidence in using CBD for anxiety.

It is also vital to understand that apart from anxiety, there has been an increase in other mental issues like depression. Those already living with mental disorders experienced worsening of their symptoms.

It is frequent for people to ask if CBD works for anxiety or other mental disorders? In the UK, one cannot make any health claims. Nevertheless, data from various clinical studies show that CBD may have a role in managing anxiety or even other mental disorders. However, there is still a need for further research into the subject.

To date, medical cannabis is approved for use in very specific conditions like resistant epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and in cases of poorly controlled cancer-associated pain. However, non-medical cannabis is mostly used to manage less severe conditions like improving sleep, controlling excessive worry, or managing other chronic diseases.

People are more probably to use CBD products as an alternative treatment. They also use CBD due to the perceived safety in conditions like anxiety.

In the interview, the CEO of CiiTECH, Clifton Flack, said that he thinks that the trend will continue in 2021, despite specific changes in the CBD market. CiiTECH has been working with various leading experts to ensure that CBD use is supported by science. Thus, recently CiiTECH also sponsored the study regarding the role of CBD in conditions like asthma. It has also launched an online CBD course for professional pharmacists.




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