Novel Food and How CBD Plays in the UK Market

Novel food, sounds familiar, right? Maybe you know or have heard about it. Perhaps you cannot recall exactly. Well, do not bother yourself. For the sake of clarity, let us take you through what novel food is all about.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), describes novel food as foods which were not extensively eaten in the UK or EU prior to May 1997. Food produced using contemporary and advanced technologies, together with innovative processes, newly developed food, and the food consumed in countries outside the EU countries are all regarded as a novel food.

Several substances and food products are considered as novel foods. They all have different benefits, with cannabidiol (CBD) products being primarily used to support lifestyle. Most importantly, novel foods must not expose consumers to any dangers. They must, therefore, be safe.

Is CBD a Novel Food?

Although the novel food catalogue is not legally binding on EU countries, the CBD regulatory incertitude has been resolved as its status as novel food was established in January 2019. Therefore all the regulations that guide novel food now apply to CBD and related products.

CBD in the UK Market

CBD products have existed in the market for some time now. The industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. With the inclusion of CBD as a novel food, the FSA intends to create a transparent market that guarantees products that do not threaten users’ safety. Hence, CBD products should be correctly labelled with accurate constituent agents and ingredients, and with no medical claims.

The popularity of CBD has soared tremendously in the UK in the last few years, with usage cutting across societal status and age. This situation is believed to have been contributed by the agricultural hemp sector, and the acceptance among the people is due to its recognition and use as supplements and lifestyle support products.

CBD was greatly welcomed by the people such that it got incorporated into many products and in various forms such as chewing gums, balm, chocolates, tablets, and gummies. They are also found as a food supplement in the form of CBD-infused food and drinks, pills and capsules, edibles, oil, and tinctures. From the economic perspective, its estimated worth is a testament to the boom that the industry and market have become. The market worth is estimated to stand at about £1 billion annually by the year 2025.

With the recent development in the industry, it’s evident that some brands would not survive as they might not be able to comply with the regulations. However, some great players in the market are already positioned to take advantage of the ever-growing demand. Brands such as Impact and Provacan are already buzzing and ready to provide you with CBD products in whichever form they appeal to you.

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