CBD Sun Cream with SPF 30

Provacan SPF 30 CBD sun cream is the all-rounder that keeps your skin moisturized and saves it from the harmful UV radiation emitting from the sun. With SPF 30 and UV supports, each pack is infused with 50mg of full-spectrum cannabinoid content. In recent research, many scientists tried to explore the fact that CBD has the capacity to function as a cytoprotective agent against UV radiation. The human body is vulnerable to UV radiation and skin cells can change after exposure to UV light. With a protective layer of Provacan CBD sunscreen, your body would be temporarily immune to harmful ultra-violet radiation.

Provacan experimented with its award-winning formula combined with traditional high-quality sunscreen cream and essential properties of CBD. Provacan cream became the blend of natural, safe, and CBD enriched cream. In normal sunscreens, chemical barriers protect the skin from getting damaged due to t UV rays. Little do the people know, prolonged UV exposure can break the chemical carrier and end up hurting your skin so you won’t be protected even if you are using good quality sunscreen? To fight UV rays, Provacan used the CBD’s cytoprotective feature that helps the skin to stay hydrated and moisturized even after prolonged UV exposure. Provacan sunscreen not only provides protection against harmful rays but also keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

CBD is extracted from fresh hemp harms so the chances of impurities are next to zero. The concentration of THC is less than 0.05% making Provacan sunscreen completely legal and safe. Our quality team ensures you are getting only the best products with proper lab testing and certificates.

CBD Aftersun cream

At Provacan, we keep in mind the requirements of all the users. If your skin is exposed to the sun more than other people, you will need extra protection. Provacan after-sun cream exactly provides that. Enriched with SPF 30 and essential cannabinoids, you will be getting long-lasting protection from UV radiations and keep your skin protected.  With long exposures, harmful UV rays not only damage the skin but penetrates deeper in structural layers as well. Natural melanin is rarely enough to tackle sunburns and harmful UV rays. Normal sunscreens will start to wear out slowly so you need something new and more powerful to make the sunny days more joyful and happy. Provacan After Sun cream is exactly that product with active SPF 30, cannabidiol, and aloe vera extract.

CBD infused in the cream is carefully extracted from the best EU hemp farms with advanced formula.  Aloe Vera plays the key role to hydrate skin and keeps it moisturized. As CBD isolate is used for infusion, you will be enjoying the pure richness of CBD. Provacan After Sun cream contains only 0.05% of THC which is well within the safe limit of THC consumption. Provacan After sun scream helps you in protecting your skin from harmful rays and is recommended for daily use for maximum results.

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