CBD Cheat-sheet: Anorexia

Cannabis Cheat sheet ANOREXIA CBD Cannabis Oil UK

CBD and Anorexia Medication with leptin, ghrelin, and endocannabinoids Current literature reviews show that leptin may have therapeutic potentials to promote the restoration of menstrual cycles in weight-restored patients. It can prevent osteoporosis in chronic patients, and reduce motor restlessness in patients who are severely hyperactive. Endocannabinoids and ghrelin exert orexigenic effects which may help […]

Entourage Effect & Terpenes… a quick guide

CBD Entourage Effect, CBD Terpenes Explained

TERPENES AND ENTOURAGE EFFECT How does CBD work? CBD is used widely all over the world these days, as an alternative treatment to a lot of diseases and illnesses while improving the quality of life. A lot of common and serious diseases are treated using CBD, for example, diabetes, nausea, Parkinson, epilepsy, depression, osteoporosis, spinal […]

Israeli HERBALICA Range of Cannabis Products On Sale in the UK

LONDON and TEL AVIV, Israel, October 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CIITECH, a UK-Israel cannabis biotech startup, announces the availability of Herbalica’s non-psychoactive, cannabis-derivative supplements based on Israeli science to UK consumers via www.essentialcannabinoids.co.uk. The products include CBD (Cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive ingredient or cannabinoid found in both hemp and regular cannabis strains. Located in Israel, Herbalica’s parent company HerbalTune has developed and […]

6m Investment in Israeli Agricultural Cannabis Research

More Government funded cannabis research in Israel The Israeli government, in cooperation with the  Ministry of Agriculture’s Volcani R&D Center, is creating its first cannabis company dedicated to the research for cultivation of cannabis. Over one hundred different cannabis strains will be imported to Israel as a part of this venture where gene mapping and […]