The new UK Drug Strategy 2017…whats all the fuss about

The fight for cannabis reform in the UK reaches new lows and activities. Last week the British government published the UK Drug Strategy 2017.   Those following the UK cannabis industry will have likely been up in arms and emotionally embroiled in the political farce that concluded in an embarrassing farce during yesterdays parliamentary session. […]

Post UK Election Cannabis Blues

Two weeks on from the most mis-read election in the history of elections.  More mis-read than Brexit, more even than Trump.  This was the landslide election that would wipe out Labour and wipe the smile of Jeremy Corbyns’ face. The opposite is now true, Labour are strong, Tories are weak.   But where does this […]

Is this a Cannabis Election in the UK?

As the UK heads into election game time, the unusually hot topic of cannabis legalization took center stage yesterday as Theresa May firmly held the party line regarding the ill-informed dangers of ‘skunk’ Skunk has not been and is not a particular strain of cannabis, skunk is merely the street term for ‘strong weed’. The […]