The Hebrew University is the One True Home of Cannabinoid Research

As a biotech company focusing on creating consumer products based on solid cannabinoid research, we at CiiTECH knew there was only one place to go to get that research done.  We chose to work with the Center for Cannabinoid Research at the Hebrew University for two key reasons.   The first being it’s rich history (still being written) around the esteemed Professor Mechoulam, the second being that legacy being continued by Dr. Yossi Tam with the inauguration of the research center.

The Hebrew University is the one true home of cannabinoid research and finally has been granted international acceptance with the selection to host the exclusive ICRS conference.

After almost 60 years of pioneering Israeli research in the field of cannabis, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was selected to host the prestigious international conference on cannabinoid research in 2021. Professor Mechoulam will celebrate his 90th birthday and will be the honorary of the event.

The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) chose the Hebrew University as the first Israeli academic institution to host the International Symposium on Cannabinoids in 2021 at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.  To date, this annual conference has been held for 27 years each year, each time in another city in the world. In recent years it has been held in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland and last year in Montreal, Canada

The conference of the ICRS, held every year since 1990, is considered to be the most highly regarded of its kind in the world today in the field of cannabinoids research. The conference brings together the leading researchers from the international scientific community and presents the latest and most up-to-date research in the field. Hundreds of participants from Israel and around the world are expected to participate in a conference to be held at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Conference Authority.

Prof. Cecilia Hillard, Chairman of the ICRS, said in response to the selection of the Hebrew University as the host of the conference: “The members of the Board of Directors of the International Community for the Study of cannabinoids are pleased that the 31st conference of the organization will take place in Jerusalem in 2021.

Jerusalem has a special place in history Scientific study of cannabinoids. Professor Mechoulam was the first to publish the chemical structure of the active substance in the cannabis plant, the THC, and was the first to discover that the human body itself produces cannabinoid-like substances in our body. No less impressive is the current state of cannabinoid research in Jerusalem and Israel, which includes the Interdisciplinary Center for Research in cannabinoids established at the Hebrew University, headed by Professor Yossi Tam. We look forward to our visit to Jerusalem and to a rich and fruitful conference.”

The Center for the Study of Cannabinoids, officially established a year ago at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is leading the way in clinical research on cannabis in Israel, effectively it’s history began with Professor Mechoulam almost 60 years ago. The center combines many researchers from a variety of disciplines, and the research carried out in this framework includes a number of fields – from the agricultural, chemical, pharmacological, pharmacological, to human development and clinical trials.

Doctor Yossi Tam, Managing Director of the research center said “One of our main goals was to bring the international community of researchers to Israel to learn about the great deal of cannabinoids that are being done in the center in particular and in Israel in general. I am certain that the conference will be another turning point in Israel’s attitude and positioning as a global leader in cannabis development and research. “

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