The strongest CBD that you can buy in 2021 

 Provacan is launching new products containing the most substantial amount of CBD. As more and more people have started using CBD products, a need was felt for a higher dosage. Some individuals are inherently less sensitive to CBD and need greater dosage.

It is worth knowing that although this product is high in CBD, it is still well within safer dose limits. Moreover, high purity and almost absence of THC means that the product is suitable for regular and prolonged use.

Why is strength so important? 

The concept of CBD strength needs clarification, as the strength actually means more potency. Although the market might be flooded with CBD products these days, studies show that many of them do not contain enough CBD. 

Recent findings show that strength may be important when we talk about the following aspects: 

Individual metabolism

Metabolism and concentration of CBD products in the body are closely interrelated.  Thus, a dose that works for one person might be ineffective for someone else. 

Long term consumption 

It is not rare for individuals to notice that after taking CBD for an extended period, it may not work as earlier, thus a need to increase the dosage. In such instances, there is a need for CBD products with higher strength. It also means that more potent CBD products are more suitable for experienced users.

Quick effect

The more strength the product has, the quicker effect it can bring, in many cases.

Consumer’s weight

Buyers with higher body weight need products with greater strength to feel its effect, as the bodyweight has a direct relation to the distribution and concentration of CBD in the body.

Products with the strongest CBD

Provacan offers three main products with the strongest CBD in capsules, oil, and paste. 

2880 mg CBD capsules 

Capsules are preferred by many individuals, as it is the most comfortable dose form. Capsules are easy to carry along, and one can easily swallow them with a drink or water.

Usually, CBD capsules are recommended for new users as they are not only convenient, but a person is sure how much CBD he/she takes every time. Often people decide to start from capsules as they do not like the taste or odour of CBD. Provacan capsules are flavourless, vegan, non-GMO and suitable for most users.

Provacan capsules contain 96 mg of CBD per capsule, and it is a correct amount for the majority of consumers seeking to reach personal wellness goals. Such a dose may also be useful for those who use CBD intermittently.

2500 mg CBD paste

Some users might prefer high-quality CBD paste. The product has a unique formulation, and it is among the CBD pastes with the highest concentration of active ingredients. It may be particularly well-suited for those who have been using CBD tinctures.

Provacan CBD paste has a precision-designed dropper that helps in the accurate dosing.

One can apply CBD paste below the tongue. A person squeezes out one full serving sublingually, holds it for 60-90 seconds and swallows. 

2400 mg CBD oil

Many individuals are using CBD oil for years, and they do not want to switch to other dose forms. Such individuals will feel a real difference in using this particular product due to its higher efficacy.

Third-party labs extensively tested all the above products to ensure the highest level of safety. It is worth knowing that these products were made by using CBD oil from only legally grown cannabis plants. These products are not only abundant in CBD, cannabidiol terpenes, but are also rich in other beneficial phytocompounds. Apart from CBD, the oil also contains CBC, CBG, and CBN showing enhanced entourage effect. 

CBD oil formulation is suitable for people who are searching for a well-made product that bring practical and real-life improvements.  All the products will be available in stores at the beginning of 2021. 

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