This year’s summer plans are stressing out Brits

Summer planning has taken a toll on a third of Brits, study conducted by CiiTECH finds.


With all the travel restrictions, booking a fun summer holiday has become a dread for 27% of Brits with 63% claiming the ‘excitement factor’ has gone. With 2 out of 5 brits losing sleep over the matter and 40% confessing to shedding tears.


Over half (54%) have thought about cancelling their summer holidays – with two fifths of those highlighting it’s to avoid anxiety associated with ever-changing restrictions. 


“There’s no doubt about it, this summer has been stressful for Brits – whether it’s because of the additional factors to consider when booking a holiday, a year on and off home-schooling during the pandemic, isolation, financial pressures, or combining home working with childcare. We’re passionate about developing products that truly help to return a state of equilibrium during these testing and turbulent times.” says Clifton Flack, CEO of CiiTECH


CiiTECH’s flagship brand, Provacan, has seen a surge in demand for its range of CBD products, with many Brits looking to bring a sense of calm to their lives.


Parents seem to be the most affected. A staggering 63% of parents say the prospect of juggling work and childcare throughout the summer is causing them significantly more stress than previous years after spending an average of 250 days at home with their children this year. 


Parents are also worried about finding activities for their children to enjoy (69%) as well as the financial implications of the long summer holidays (64%), as well as further periods of isolation (66%). In fact, when questioned over half of parents with school-aged children would cancel the summer holidays if they had the chance (54%) and on average, they would want to shorten the summer break to just over 2.5 weeks. 


Concerns for non-parents include fears of cancellations due to changes in COVID-19 regulations (40%), quarantine/isolation fears (31%), and deciding whether to travel abroad or staycation (11%).


Approximately 4.5 days prior to a trip, Brits tend to worry most about their arrangements, possible cancellations, and making alternative plans. 


A third of respondents (31%) said the level of worry is greater than an interview, and 29% compared it to moving house or starting a new job.


As a result of having to rearrange summer plans, and for the most part that means staying locally, things have gotten booked up pretty fast leaving many with a feeling of guilt and missing out. This has led to GOSH – Guilt of the precious summer holidays going to waste for many individuals and families.


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