Topical CBD for skin health

CBD is slowly making inroads into cosmeceuticals. There are a number of CBD products in the market that have not just cosmetic value but are also good for skin health. CBD is now added to numerous ointments, creams, and lotions.

Researchers believe that CBD products may help improve skin health in many ways. There is some evidence that cannabinoids regulate skin oil production, counter local inflammation, suppress infections, promote the growth of skin cells.

Apart from anti-sebum, CBD extracts may exert antioxidant, skin conditioning, and protective effect. It is also vital to understand that many topical CBD topical formulations have other ingredients beneficial for skin health. Thus, many of these products have moisturizing properties, protect skin from photoaging, and much more.

It is also vital to understand that although topical CBD products have some added benefits and may help prevent or manage various skin conditions, they should not be used to treat some severe skin conditions without consulting a medical specialist.

How are skincare products used?

As the name says, they are to be applied topically on the skin. Topical application is better in many conditions. Topical application of CBD products means that the beneficial compounds are applied at a place where they are required most. Another benefit of such a use is safety. Such products rarely cause any side effects, except some local skin reactions in extremely rare cases.

So, whether you choose a spray, serum, cream, cleanser, all of them are equally good and safe. Just pay attention to other ingredients that have been added to CBD skincare product. As all such products differ significantly in their formulation, it is always good to follow directions on the label.

Skincare products can be generally used when and as required. They are also suitable for regular use. However, one should avoid using too much of them, as too much of anything is not good. The risk of skin reactions become higher if one applies such products too frequently.

How to choose the right product?

When it comes to topical CBD, some low quality, untested brands may not contain CBD at all or only in small amounts. Thus, it is essential to choose well-tested brands. CiiTECH ltd offers a topical range under its Provacan range of products.

Provacan stands out from other topical CBD products due to its high quality, testing by a third-party lab, supported by research, and the way that it offers a complete range of skincare products. Thus, one can choose from the balm, massage oil, lip balm, sun cream, eye cream, blemish control gel, and much more.

Since, CiiTECH is a research-based organization, each ingredient in these products have been selected with thorough research. Thus, ensuring that the products moisturise and protect the skin.

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