Understand CBD with these top 20 resources

It is essential to keep learning about natural remedies, supplements, food additives to use them safely, and CBD is no exception. However, for many, finding reliable sources of information could be a challenge. Reading blog articles is good, but many of them could be biased or have certain inaccuracies. Below are some of the resources known to provide the most reliable knowledge, latest scientific research in CBD, cannabis, and other natural therapies.

  1. CiiTEHC Academy: offers professional CBD courses designed by CBD professionals for people from all walks of life. These courses provide comprehensive information needed for the effective and safe use of CBD and even medical cannabis. Thus, these courses are equally suitable for medical professionals, caregivers, and anyone interested in CBD.
  2. Israel Cannabis Medical Nurses Association: This association is dedicated to healthcare professionals interested in cannabis. It provides lots of accurate information regarding CBD and its use.
  3. Society of Cannabis Clinicians: A portal dedicated to medical specialists interested in increasing their knowledge regarding CBD. It offers various paid courses along with some good quality articles.
  4. Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society: Another good source to master the subject. It is more focused on clinicians, providing various courses for medical specialists.
  5. Coursera: it is a MOOC platform (Massive Open Online Courses). And yes, it provides CBD related courses too! One can go through these courses for free of cost, though one may need to pay a token fee to acquire the certificate.
  6. org: Yet another reputed MOOC platform. It also provides CBD courses from time to time, along with numerous other courses related to health. Most of these courses are offered by some of the best-known universities in the world.
  7. Udemy: It offers courses from various CBD experts, although not all are equally good. These courses are generally created by people with good knowledge of the subject. However, they are not essentially recognized experts in the field. The good thing about this platform is the variety. It offers courses like reading lab reports, starting your CBD business, and much more.
  8. ConsumerReports: An excellent consumer-focused platform that advises individuals on making right and informed choices. It offers tips on a wide variety of subjects like how to survive a disaster and, at the same time, many reports on CBD.
  9. com: Not precisely a platform dedicated to CBD use, but one can find reliable information on every conceivable health supplement, including CBD. The reports are readily accessible and supported by the latest research in the field.
  10. Healthline: Another very popular platform dedicated to various health-related topics. Although most articles on the website are well-written, one needs to understand that they might not be completely accurate.
  11. Cannabinoid medicines: It is an excellent source for those looking to dive deeper into the subject. It may be a good information source for healthcare professionals. However, it may not be the right place for consumers looking to find information in easy to digest language.
  12. Cannabis Life Network: Good source for cannabis-related information and news. They cover almost any topic. However, since it is a blog platform, not all the information might be reliable.
  13. UC Davis, Cannabis and hemp research centre: the University of California offers some great information for those looking to deep dive into the subject.
  14. Project CBD: An online resource more focused on consumers looking to expand their knowledge. It has articles on various CBD health benefits.
  15. CBD central: Yet another website filled with tons of CBD related information. Quite like other blogs, it provides good information for consumers, how-to guides. However, it is worth keeping in mind that some of the information may be biased.
  16. Harvard Health: An excellent and reliable source of information on various topics related to health, including lots of information on CBD and other health supplements.
  17. WHO website: It continually provides information on CBD, cannabis, and other health issues. It has some excellent reports on CBD for those wanting to do more research into the subject.
  18. American Kennel Club: It’s a good source of information for those considering CBD for man’s best friend.
  19. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health: It is an online platform funded by the US govt. However, one should be careful interpreting information from this platform due to the highly conservative approach.
  20. Pubmed: This source is specifically for CBD researchers, just type CBD in a search box, and you can read abstracts of more than 8000 research articles.

To conclude, the above are some of the most reliable online resources for CBD related information. Some are more focused on specialists and researchers, while others on consumers.

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