Picking the right vape is essential, especially for novices trying to figure out how the whole process works. There are many types of vapes and everyone’s needs and preferences are different.


First of all, know that finding the right vape doesn’t have to be a trade-off. Convenience, performance and battery life can come in one package. What’s important is for people to have everything they want so that they can have the experience that they want. It’s that simple.


Vaping devices do come equipped with the same basic components: Battery, tank, mod and e-liquid. All work together to create the desired experience.


Depending on the device, the battery can be disposable or rechargeable, although most of the time it will be the latter. The amount of power and performance generated from the battery will be different from device to device. The mod houses the batteries that connect to the tank.


The tank is where the e-liquid, coils, wicks or cartridge is located. Many are refillable although some are disposable. The e-liquid is what provides the vapor and flavor. When the device is turned on, it heats up and produces the vapor when exhaled.


Making the transition

Transitioning to vaping should start with a device that it is easy to maneuver. Vape pens, e-cigarettes and vape pods provide a trouble-free, enjoyable experience.


Vape pods are two-piece devices, with one part the battery and the other a replaceable pod that is sometimes also refillable.


Provacan, A CiiTECH brand, launched the VapePod™ on its online shop earlier this year. One of the innovative features of VapePod™ is its accurate metered-dosing, allowing accurate terpene and cannabinoid consumption with no guessing, making it the perfect product for inexperienced vapers. The cartridges rely on a patent-pending carrier solution instead of traditional e-liquids.

In fact, the VapePod™ is the United Kingdom’s first vape pen that has been certified as a medical cannabis device by the Israeli Ministry of Health, to be used with pre-filled Provacan CBD cartridges.


The Provacan CBD cartridges come in an assortment of targeted terpene CBD formulations, including proprietary Day and Night formulas that utilize two distinct cannabis terpene formulations.

Both are crafted with THC-free, broad spectrum cannabis oil and made from EU compliant hemp strains. They are enriched with CBD and CBG and developed in a GLP pharma grade Israeli facility.


VapePod™ has been certified as a safe and effective vaporisation system, so retailers can be proud to offer this innovative product and consumers can be confident about using it.



Choose the best vaping product

When you’re ready to try something new, consider VapePod™. These products are made using a patent-pending carrier solution that replaces the traditional e-liquids.


E-liquids have been in the news a lot lately for suspensions of releasing toxic materials when heated at high temperatures. The VapePod avoids this thanks to a neutral diluent that allows for low irritation, high potency and consistent dosing through the lifespan of the cartridge with an advanced bioavailability. This has been proven during Kanabo pre-clinical trials.


Vaping tips

For a total experience, you want a quality vaping device. Consider these facts when deciding if VapePod™ is the right device for you:

  • CiiTECH Ltd., the developer of  VapePod™, is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing cannabinoid products for the global market
  • CiiTECH Ltd. partners and collaborates with leading institutions and companies to realise the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation and bring it successfully to market
  • Through its own research and collaborations, CiiTECH Ltd. believes its proven formulas, together with the VapePod™ device, deliver an exceptional level of CBD innovation and efficacy not previously seen in the industry


Remember that a quality vaping experience is only as good as the vaping device being used. Whatever your preference, make sure it fits your needs, budget and style of vaping.


For more information on VapePod™, Kanabo Research, Provacan cartridges or CiiTECH, visit: www.vapepod.com, https://www.kanabogroup.com, www.ciitech.co.il and www.provacan.co.uk.


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