Why Buy CBD from the UK?

There are many serious reasons to buy UK produced CBD products. CBC produced outside the UK do not go through the same stringent quality control processes as UK products. It is due to different regulations between the nations. Products made in China may comply with a few international standards.

One of the most significant issues with CBD products is the illegal influx of various brands into the UK. These products may have attractive packaging, but might not have much CBD in them, or even worse have toxins.

All this confusion around CBD products led to the US FDA issuing statement that CBD is not GRAS (generally assumed to be safe), and should be consumed only for specific reasons.

Similarly, EU and FSA (Food Standards Agency, UK) now classify CBD as a Novel Food, as its widespread consumption is new for the UK and EU citizens. It means that from March 2021 onwards only products approved by the EU or FSA will be allowed for sale in the UK.

But consumers need to understand a few things, as illegal supplies would probably not halt after March 2021. Consumers need to know that only products made in the UK comply with safety standards set forth by the experts in the UK, EU, and the US.

These strict regulations mean that UK producers in future cannot make any health claims regarding CBD products. Though the same cannot be said about illegally imported products. No claims do not mean that CBD is not good. Everyone knows that water helps with dehydration; nonetheless, the law does not allow to sell drinking water as a dehydration remedy.

Below are a few reasons why one should consider the UK made products only:

  • Better technological know-hows in the UK means higher quality products
  • Strict control over the varieties of cannabis that are allowed to be grown in the UK ensures the quality of the product (both safety and efficacy).
  • Outside the UK and EU, regulations in some countries are almost lacking
  • Even in the EU, there are issues. At least two kinds of regulations govern healthcare industry in the EU, one is EU wide regulations, another are country-specific regulations. Thus, a product produced in EU nation does not necessarily mean that it complies to all the standards. Product made in Romania or Bulgaria may mention made in EU, though it may not follow any broader EU guidelines, except the local norms.
  • US FDA is good, but it does not regulate the CBD market much, as it primarily focuses on the safety and not the efficacy. Even in the case of safety, it tests food products randomly. Things are further made complicated due to different laws in various states.
  • With countries like China, things are worse, as they have dual regulations. One for the internal market, and entirely other for export markets, which means that CBD products exported from China are barely regulated.

When it comes to the manufacturing and regulation of health-related products, few countries in the world can match the expertise and experience of the UK. Thus, CBD products made in the UK are of the highest standards, and now FSA in introducing new regulations for even stricter quality control and standardization.


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