About CiiTECH

CiiTECH brings the highest quality cannabis research & products to the UK and beyond

Our focus
Our focus

CiiTECH is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing medical cannabis products for the global market. We do this by partnering and collaborating with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation.

CiiTECH brings leading Israeli cannabis science and innovation to the UK and European Markets. Through our international partnerships between Israeli & UK institutions and commercial organizations we’re able to leverage cutting edge science to rapidly accelerate therapeutic products to market.

Product development
Product development

As the world races towards cannabis reform, the medical and scientific world is catching up behind. Our knowledge of the plant is far from complete, CIITECH is working on understanding the vast range of minor cannabinoids to bring better understanding and more effective medicines to market.

Our Pathway is to develop a pipeline of collaborative research between leading Israeli and UK institutions. The results and insights from this research will guide our product development teams to create effective nutraceutical products. From clinical grade customer feedback, CIITECH will begin clinical trials to create drugs for the medical market.

Our vision is to contribute to the future where people are free to choose between cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals from their doctor or neutraceutical & wellness products on recommendation from wellness and alternative therapy practitioners.

CIITECH was founded by Clifton Flack, former founder of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis and the world leading cannabis innovation & investment summit CannaTech.

Why an israeli company choose the UK?

Why an israeli company choose the UK?
  • The UK has a conservative view of cannabis, hence it’s been ‘overlooked’ by the market
  • MHRA is currently regulating CBD as a ‘dietary supplement’ with medicinal value (Nutraceutical)
  • Only psychoactive compounds are scheduled (THC)
  • Until BREXIT the UK is the ideal gateway to EU
  • GW Pharma is an understood model on the London financial markets