CBD suppositories, the Future of Medicinal Cannabis?

A suppository is a solid, dose-controlled form of medication. It can be used rectally or vaginally. When dissolved, the substance inside the suppository gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream and therefore provides both a systemic and local effect.

Suppositories have become popular among people who cannot or do not want to take medication orally as they do not like their taste or cannot swallow a capsule. One more advantage of suppositories is that they need less time to work and provide faster relief than many oral formulations.

Cannabis suppositories look and work similarly to any ordinary suppository except they contain cannabis extract. When inserted, chemical compounds of cannabis melt and releases into the body.

Vaginal suppositories

Cannabis-based medications were used frequently in older adults. Throughout human history, cannabis was used in oral form for pain relief. These historical facts made scientists investigate the relationship between cannabis and women’s health. Some findings showed that cannabis suppositories may bring some potential benefits to women. They include:

  • Endometriosis that is characterised as a condition in which the uterine lining grows outside the uterus and it can cause severe pain. Cannabis may help decrease pain as it interacts with CB1 receptors. Other findings support this idea as pain in endometriosis is often associated with psychological distress and fatigue1. But more extensive research is needed in this area as endometriosis can develop into a serious condition. It means if you have endometriosis consult with your doctor and do not use cannabis suppositories as the only treatment.
  • Painful intercourse is considered quite a widespread problem as according to the research of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, almost 75 % of women experienced or experience pain during sex2, data is similar for the UK. Cannabis suppositories offer fast relief in the pelvic area and you will feel relaxed without negatively affecting your mood.
  • Menstrual cramps are also quite common among women. Some of them suffer from severe pain and have to take strong pain-killers. Some studies found that cannabis suppositories can be used as an effectively3. CBD relaxes and calms your body offering relief in your special days when you need it the most.

Rectal suppositories

This alternate way of taking CBD is especially suitable for the elderly and children because these categories of people are susceptible and can refuse to take conventional medicines. Sometimes older people cannot swallow the pills due to another disease condition like the stroke.

  • Conditions concerning the gastrointestinal tract may be useful concerning their specific indication and able to bring faster relief.
  • Lubrication to mitigate pain during anal intercourse.
  • Hemorrhoids is a condition linking to swollen veins in the anus rectum. Inserted locally, cannabis suppositories bring relief and help to decrease the pain in people suffering from hemorrhoids4.

Tips how to use cannabis suppositories

Using cannabis vaginally or rectally depends on personal experience. However, you should follow some rules to avoid mistakes. Here are they:

  • Cannabis suppositories melt rather quickly when in contact with warm skin. Place the pack in the freezer until you’re ready to insert them.
  • Pay attention that cannabis suppositories can leak after being inserted so to prevent it wait at least 15 minutes after the manipulation before going anywhere.
  • For the first time, use the suppositories at night to assess any potential effects.
  • Anal and vaginal suppositories may be made with different carrier oils due to the different environments of the rectum and vagina. Make sure you use the suppositories by the recommended indications.

More research is needed

Suppositories have a number of health benefits; we should note that there has not been enough scientific research in this method of application, and you should consult with your doctor before using suppositories.





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