Role of Terpenes in CBD products


Terpenes are naturally present in many plants, including cannabis. Thus, they might be naturally present in some CBD products. However, they might also be added to CBD products to enhance their aroma, flavour, and, more importantly, their health benefits. Terpenes are nowadays the focus of CBD products manufacturers. It is because they provide an opportunity […]

CBD Oil or Capsules? Which One Is Right for You?

cbd oil or capsules

CBD is available in so many forms that it might become confusing for new users. CBD oil and soft gel capsules are the two most common options to considers. However, this also raises numerous questions like what is the difference between the two? Which one is better and why? Firstly, it is vital to understand […]

Do not like the taste of CBD? There are ways to make it taste better

taste of cbd

It doesn’t matter how good a bitter pill might be for a person; one cannot continue to swallow daily. Earlier or later, one would give up. Taste masking has enormous importance in compliance. And higher compliance often means more incredible health benefits. Not everyone may like that verdant, earthy smell and taste of certain CBD […]

When is the best time to take CBD?

time of day to take CBD

CBD products are not medications; however, the majority of individuals use them for specific health benefits. CBD is regarded to be good for health and improves the feeling of wellbeing. Although there is no best time to take CBD, for some individuals, taking CBD at certain times may work better. Most individuals would prefer taking […]

How to Use CBD Isolate

How to use cbd isolate

CBD is available in numerous forms, and the range is ever-expanding. Although the traditional ways of using CBD like oils, tinctures, and edibles continue to dominate the market, new forms are also becoming popular. As the name says, CBD isolate is an isolated form of CBD, something that is free of THC. Some CBD isolate […]

Reasons behind the popularity of CBD

popular products

It is difficult to believe that CBD has gained so much popularity globally in just a few years. Statistics show that the US and the UK are now perhaps the top two markets of CBD products. Data indicates that the UK CBD market is worth £690, or even more. Despite the introduction of some stringent […]

CBD in beauty products, what you ought to know?

cbd beauty

CBD seems to be everywhere and, in every form, from oil, gummies to even cosmetics. The beauty industry is always quick to accept new scientific findings due to less stringent regulations. But, as the name says, these products are primarily for enhancing aesthetic looks. Cosmetic products with CBD are a bit different, and they belong […]

CBD edibles, are they any good?


When CBD is added to food items, they are called CBD edibles. Every form of CBD has its pros and cons. CBD edibles are available in many attractive forms like chocolates, gummies, lollipops, butter, and much more. The concept of edible cannabis is not new, and such products have been available since time unknown in […]

CBD guide for absolute beginners

Cannabis plants contain hundreds of cannabinoids, and cannabidiol (CBD) is one of them. CBD is the most abundant in commercially available preparations and is also one of the most well-studied. In addition, it is proven to be safe for regular human use and might provide some health benefits. Safety and legal status of CBD in […]

Truth and myths about UK CBD regulations

uk cannabis regulation

UK market is transitioning from a poorly regulated to a regulated market for CBD products. CBD products will now need approval as a novel food product in the UK. The regulation has its pros and cons. It might mean a lesser choice of products; it also means that only high quality and well-tested products will […]