Can I use CBD on bug bites?

Summer is a time for wandering, getting a much-needed dose of fresh air and vitamin sunshine. It is a time when nature grows. But regrettably, it is also a time when people are more likely to be exposed to various insect bites. Fortunately, most insect bites do not pose any severe health threat. Nevertheless, one […]

Topical CBD for skin health

CBD topicals

CBD is slowly making inroads into cosmeceuticals. There are a number of CBD products in the market that have not just cosmetic value but are also good for skin health. CBD is now added to numerous ointments, creams, and lotions. Researchers believe that CBD products may help improve skin health in many ways. There is […]

Rise of the terpenes: The next wave of cannabis innovation

terpenes and cbd

It is no secret that isolated natural compounds do not work as well as the whole extract of a particular plant. This phenomenon has been studied in thousands of experiments. It also means that the processing of specific herbal extract might reduce their efficacy. This reduction in the efficacy of highly processed natural herbal compounds […]

CBD and Covid-19 vaccines, what you ought to know?

covid vaccine

Numerous experimental studies have been published, indicating that CBD may have specific benefits in managing covid-19 epidemics. Although, any such benefits seem minimal, and there are no official statements from any health authorities. Few experimental studies even demonstrated that CBD might help prevent cytokine storm in those affected by Covid-19, but again there is no […]

What is delta-8 and delta-9 THCs?

chemistry lab

Cannabis is quite a complex plant with numerous organic compounds. Although most consumers differentiate well between THC and CBD, they lack the understanding of other cannabinoids, sub-types of THC. Studies show that it may be too early to reject THC as something solely harmful. In recent years, delta-8 THC has received increased attention and is […]

Top trending CBD topics in 2021

Be it in the UK or globally, CBD use is on the rise. Studies show that about 10% of UK adults use CBD products for various purposes. However, it is not only the users who are curious about CBD trends and topics. Even small business owners want to know what lies ahead, what changes to […]

More Britons seek CBD products to relieve COVID epidemics related anxiety

covid cbd

Specialists are already calling Covid epidemics related rise in mental disorders a silent epidemic. Studies confirm that the problem is widespread. Despite its high prevalence, it remains a poorly recognized problem. Nevertheless, emerging data affirms that one cannot neglect the rise in mental disorders due to Covid. As the Covid related lockdown progressed, more than […]

A new study shows that topical CBD may help fight specific infections

bacteria and cbd

CBD is widely available for topical use in various forms like creams, ointments, oils, balms, shampoo, eye cream, and much more. Topical use of CBD is not just for recreational activities, as there are many health benefits associated with such use. A new study shows that topical CBD creams, oils, may even help suppress bacterial […]

Why CBD oil is so expensive

For new users, CBD oil seems to be very expensive, sometimes unnecessarily costly for such a small bottle. Let’s look at some of the reasons why CBD oil is so costly, and you will have the answer about its real cost. Breeding CBD Breeding CBD is a long and expensive process. It all starts with […]

Why terpenes matter in CBD products?

In recent years, terpenes have received lots of attention. It is not a single chemical compound, rather a term for structurally related thousands of compounds. They are produced by most plants to protect from diseases, predators, and even attract pollinators. These terpenes provide flavour and aroma to fruits and flowers. For ages, humans focused much […]

The gut effect of CBD

gut health and CBD

Gastrointestinal issues associated with tobacco or nicotine use are common. Unlike nicotine, CBD seems to have a calming effect on the gut, and may even help control specific gastrointestinal issues. One of the common issues of gastrointestinal health is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is on the rise in the western world. Its rise has […]