A new study shows that topical CBD may help fight specific infections

bacteria and cbd

CBD is widely available for topical use in various forms like creams, ointments, oils, balms, shampoo, eye cream, and much more. Topical use of CBD is not just for recreational activities, as there are many health benefits associated with such use. A new study shows that topical CBD creams, oils, may even help suppress bacterial […]

Why CBD oil so expensive

For new users, CBD oil seems to be very expensive, sometimes unnecessarily costly for such a small bottle. Let’s look at some of the reasons why CBD oil is so costly, and you will have the answer about its real cost. Breeding CBD Breeding CBD is a long and expensive process. It all starts with […]

Why terpenes matter in CBD products?

In recent years, terpenes have received lots of attention. It is not a single chemical compound, rather a term for structurally related thousands of compounds. They are produced by most plants to protect from diseases, predators, and even attract pollinators. These terpenes provide flavour and aroma to fruits and flowers. For ages, humans focused much […]

The gut effect of CBD

gut health and CBD

Gastrointestinal issues associated with tobacco or nicotine use are common. Unlike nicotine, CBD seems to have a calming effect on the gut, and may even help control specific gastrointestinal issues. One of the common issues of gastrointestinal health is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is on the rise in the western world. Its rise has […]

CBD and recommendations for safe vaping

The number of CBD vape products are increasing in the market, and despite that, there is limited information for consumers regarding their safety. Some of the benefits of casual vaping are known as it helps quit tobacco smoking in many cases, and may even help get rid of substance addictions. National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) […]

CiiTECH pledges educational grant to UK’s MCCS (Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society)

partnership ciitech and mccs

CiiTECH pledges educational grant to UK’s MCCS, as it understands the need to inform and educate people, healthcare industry stakeholders about new developments in the field of cannabis-related remedies. This educational endeavour will further help consolidate the position of CiiTECH as one of the pioneering, research-based organization. It will help validate, first of its type, […]

The other cannabinoids you need to know about: CBC, CBG and CBN 

Currently, most people are familiar with CBD, cannabis most popular cannabinoid. Its discovery has changed the way people perceive cannabis globally in recent years. And these days we are witnessing mounting scientific evidence supporting the use of CBD for many health conditions.  But cannabis is a complex plant with over 100 different components. Although they […]

Will CBD show up on a drug test

People grow cannabis for numerous purposes, and it contains over 400 chemical compounds, 80 of which are biologically active. Cannabinoids are the most important biologically active compounds. Cannabinoids include THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. Drug tests, used in the UK, identify THC and its metabolites. THC is the psychoactive compound, and it is intoxicating. […]

How CBD has changed the way we see cannabis

For many years cannabis has been considered as a source of violence, addiction and poor mental health. Movies showed us criminal, dirty and immoral cannabis users. Many still associate cannabis with ill health and addiction. Since the legalization of CBD in the UK, various stores started selling it. Its popularity has gradually grown, since then. […]