How to make your own products using CBD isolate

CBD isolate is almost 99% pure CBD; it is an active ingredient which one can use to produce just any kind of CBD product at home. Using CBD isolate provides immense freedom to its users, as they can use their favourite carrier oil, flavour, cream, and so on.

Before you start preparing any product with CBD isolate, ensure that you have an accurate weight machine. 1 gm of CBD isolate contains 999 mg of CBD, and it is entirely free from THC.

  • CBD oil. It is perhaps the first thing that most people may consider preparing, and the recipe is pretty simple. Just take 1 gm CBD-isolate and mix it well with 20 ml or 30 ml of olive oil (you can use other oil also according to personal preference). If you mix it with 20 ml, it will provide a concentration of 50 mg per ml (or 33 mg per ml if you mix in 30 ml of oil). Apart from weighing machine, you may also need a dropper to measure the volume of oil. After adding CBD to oil, all you have to do is mix them well, and your home-made CBD oil is ready in minutes. If you have a problem in mixing CBD-isolate to any carrier oil, then heat the oil a bit, but do not make it too hot.
  • CBD-infused honey. As already mentioned, that with CBD-isolate, one can produce just any kind of CBD product, so why to limit only to oil. Many people prefer honey over the oil; they love adding honey to tea or applying it to the toast. Although the procedure for making honey is similar to oil, one should better produce lower concentration product, as one can consume honey much more than CBD oil. Moreover, measuring honey accurately may be a challenge. Thus, if one has 100-gm honey, one may add about two gms of CBD isolate to it (you may need to heat honey a bit, to mix CBD to it well). If you are feeling more artistic, you can also add lavender or rose petals to the honey, and then simmer it for two hours, and then, in the end, add CBD to the honey and let it cool.
  • CBD-infused gummies. Who doesn’t love gummies, and they are easier to prepare than many thinks, all you need is a gummy bear molds, and of course few teaspoons of unflavored gelatin. Again, first, calculate the amount of CBD you would like to add to each gummy. In most of the cases, perhaps 20 mg CBD per gummy would be enough. For preparing gummies, boil the water, add an adequate amount of gelatin to it, after two minutes when it starts becoming thick lower the flame/heat and start mixing CBD isolate along withy any flavour or fruits puree to it. Now, you have to be really quick to pipette fill your gummy bear molds. Once done, store them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. If still unsure of how to prepare gummies, better see various online videos before starting to make them.
  • Pain ointment. People often use CBD for pain relief, and one can prepare fully natural balm at home. For this, you need 500 mg CBD, 28 gms beeswax, 115 g St John’s Wort oil, and 10-20 drops of ginger oil. Melt you beeswax on low heat, then add both the Joh’s Wort oil to it, followed by CBD. Remove the mixture from heat, and let it cool a bit, and add ginger oil in the end, as it has volatile components. Pour and store the mixture in a tight jar.

Above are just a few ways to make your CBD products at home. Possibilities here are countless. Thus, one can add it to body cream (you can even use ready-made body cream), or add to pre-cooked food items. Only add CBD to cooked items in the end, after cooling food items a bit, as high temperatures may neutralize CBD, making it less effective or even ineffective.

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