How to start taking CBD oil

So, you have decided to start using CBD, but you have too many questions in your mind? You try to find answers to questions like:

What types of CBD oil are available?

What are the differences between various products?

How to use them?

 What adverse effects one may develop?

How and when to start taking it? And so on.

These questions require the proper answers, as CBD oil, unlike medical marijuana, is sold without a prescription (as a supplement). Therefore, you are left on your own to find the answers to most of your questions.

Here some tips for getting started with CBD oil:

Find your preferred type of CBD oil

CBD oil is available as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all compounds (cannabinoids) that the cannabis plant has, including CBD and THC. THC is a psychoactive chemical and can create the characteristic marijuana high which may or may not be in your CBD oil. You can determine if your.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is similar to full-spectrum cbd oil, but contains predominately CBD and a lesser amount of the other cannabinoids including THC.

CBD-isolate is a pure isolated form of CBD – the primary, non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis hemp plant.

Decide on the appropriate dosage

The biggest misconception about taking cannabis and/or CBD-related products is that you have to get high but that is not true and that goes for the dosage as well.

lower doses are recommended for beginners and the strength and dosage can be worked up gradually until a level that you are happy with it may be as little as a few drops of a 4% (400mg) CBD oil up to several drops of a 24% (2400mg) CBD Oil.

Know how to manage psychoactivity

How effectively one can use cannabis for the treatment of the disease conditions depends on one’s ability to manage its intoxicating properties. Some people do enjoy the high feeling offered from high levels of THC. But others are sensitive to THC, and even a microdose can cause unwanted state affecting lifestyle and situation.

Most products available on the market today do not have THC or have very low levels and contain a higher dosage of CBD.

Add CBD oil into your food

Some people say that when they first start to take CBD oil, they do not like its odor, taste or taking it sublingually. A comfortable solution is to add CBD oil into your favorite foods or drinks and dmasks the odor, taste or overall comfort of taking it.Choose healthy foods rich in fatty acids because they serve as carriers for CBD and allow it to move through the body.

CBD oil tastes good if added to:

We even recommend adding it to your coffee! Seriously give it a try.

To conclude, the most important tip is to start smart and be attentive to your body to find what is suitable for you.


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