How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD is available in numerous forms, and the range is ever-expanding. Although the traditional ways of using CBD like oils, tinctures, and edibles continue to dominate the market, new forms are also becoming popular.

As the name says, CBD isolate is an isolated form of CBD, something that is free of THC. Some CBD isolate powders may contain as much as 99% of CBD, though the concentration may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

CBD isolate is frequently used to produce various CBD products. It also means the users can also buy it to make their own CBD products or add CBD to various items. Additionally, it also provides some cost benefits.

What do you do with CBD isolate powder?

CBD isolate powder is good to use directly. However, that may pose specific challenges like dosing correctly. Thus, most people would use CBD to prepare certain CBD products of their choice.

Unlike CBD oil, it is water-soluble and thus has a vast number of applications. Since it is almost odour free and has minimal flavour, it can be used in many ways.

In fact, there are very few CBD producers who would produce their own raw materials. It means that the majority of CBD producers would use CBD isolate powder to make CBD products.

How do you use raw CBD isolate?

There are innumerable ways to use CBD isolate, and how someone uses it will depend on the purpose. Although CBD isolates can be consumed, perhaps that is not the best use of it. It is a good idea to use CBD isolate more creatively, like adding it to eatables, topical solutions, and so on. Below are some of the good ways to use CBD:

  • Topical use/body lotion: it isn’t as complicated as it may sound. In most cases, one may simply add a measured amount of CBD (Like 500 mg) to one’s favourite body lotion. One may even create body lotion at home by adding 500 mg or even more CBD to two cups of olive oil. It is a good idea to add some essential oils like lavender to it.
  • Inhaling: Creating your vape fluid could be the best way of inhaling, and it is not that complicated. The simplest way to create CBD-infused vaping liquid is by adding CBD to one’s favourite vape juice (one may need to heat E-liquid a bit to ensure that isolate dissolves well).
  • Sublingually: If you do not feel like creating any CBD product, you may simply place a small amount of CBD below your tongue and let it get dissolved. The sublingual route is one of the fastest routes as CBD enters the bloodstream almost instantly. After keeping CBD below the tongue for about a couple of minutes, one may swallow it.
  • Ingesting: This is the most common way of using CBD. One may add CBD isolate powder to juices, soups, dressings, and so on. There are numerous CBD recipes available these days on various websites to experiment with.


Can I smoke CBD isolate powder?

Yes, one can smoke CBD as inhaling is one of the reliable ways of using CBD products. Smoking CBD also means almost immediate effect. The best way of inhaling it is by adding to vaping juice, as it provides the optimal temperature.

Can you test positive for CBD isolate?

It is a subject of concern for some people who have to go through drug tests, like sportspeople or individuals in certain professions. Fortunately, CBD isolate does not cause positive drug tests. Nonetheless, there it is worth knowing that there is a marginal risk as some isolate powders may contain traces of THC. Although the chances of positive drug tests are slim, but they are not nil. In practice, this might be a subject of concern primarily for professional sportspeople.

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